Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Power of Music

On the heels of Monday's horrible attacks in Boston most people around the world are at a loss for words.  That's because sometimes there are no words. Sometimes it's best left to the music.  Music is a very powerful thing when it comes to emotion and the human condition.

At last night's Yankees game in the Bronx that emotion came in the form of Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline'.  At the bottom of the 3rd the New York Yankees paid tribute to Boston by playing THEIR song.  A song that's been played at the bottom of the 8th at every Red Sox home game since 2002.  These 2 teams are arch rivals - and so this was the ultimate tribute to the city of Boston in their time of need. Watch this clip.

Tonight another powerful moment took place at the Boston Garden during the pre-game ceremony.  A tribute to the lives lost, first responders and citizens of Boston set to pictures and Philip Philips' hit 'Home'.  I had goosebumps watching this while that arena was on their feet with pride.  The crowd went on and took over the 'Star Spangled Banner' right after the tribute.  It was huge.  

I have friends from both Boston and New York.  They're among the hardest and most proud people I have ever met.  They would also give you the shirt off their back.  When you do something to them in their own backyard  - they come together and become stronger.  Watch this clip.

As a runner I've experienced the power and joy of seeing my family and friends at the end of a race. I've also had the pleasure of seeing my fiancĂ© at the last few feet of a marathon. There's nothing but love from the runners and fans at that point.  It's a beautiful thing.

Our thoughts are with you Boston.

Thanks for reading/listening.