Saturday, December 12, 2009

Top Tunes of 2009

Hello Friends,

I've finally taken the time to go through my collection and see what the top tunes of 2009 are IMHO. It took some google searches to ensure that the albums were all this year - but alas I have a great list here to share. I'm sure that I am missing a few - but for now these are the one's that acted as a soundtrack to my year and thus becoming 'My Top Tunes of 2009'.

*From A-Z (as that's how I picked them from my iTunes)

  • Airborne Toxic Event - 'Something New'

  • Arctic Monkeys - 'Crying LIghtening'

  • Bat for Lashes - 'Daniel'

  • The Big Pink - 'Velvet'

  • Calvin Harris - 'I'm Not Alone'

  • Depeche Mode - 'Wrong'

  • Doves - 'Kingdom of Rust'

  • Drake - 'Forever' + 'Best I Ever Had'

  • Elbow - 'One Day Like This'

  • Eminem - 'Beautiful'

  • Empire of the Sun - 'Walking on a Dream'

  • Franz Ferdinand - 'Ulysees'

  • Glasvegas - 'Geraldine'

  • Gossip - 'Heavy Cross'

  • Jack Penate - 'Today's Tonight'

  • Julian Casablancas - 'Tourist'

  • The Junction - 'Just Level With Me'

  • Kasabian - 'Fire'

  • M83 - 'Kim & Jessi'

  • Miike Snow - 'Animal'

  • Mistress Barbara - 'I'm Running'

  • Muse - 'Uprising'

  • Passion Pit - 'The Reeling'

  • Peter Bjorn & John - 'It Don't Move Me'

  • Phoenix - 'Lisztomania'

  • Roykstopp - 'Happy Up Here'

  • Snow Patrol - 'Just Say Yes'

  • Stereophonics - 'Innocent'

  • U2 - 'Magnificent'

  • Vega - 'No Reasons'

  • We Were Promised Jetpacks - 'It's Thunder and It's Lightening'

  • White Lies - 'Death'

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Skeletons'

What a great year for new music this was.

Speak soon.


Monday, December 7, 2009


Hello Friends,

I don't know if it's that I just finished watching the bonus DVD content on Snow Patrol's 'Up To Now' collection or not - but wow are they ever amazing and creating some magic.

I've always been a fan and followed their career closely since they released 'When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up'. I still think that 'One Night is Not Enough' is a heck of a tune today.

The band have come a long way indeed and not just in terms of commercial success - this band is now creating epic music that has raised the bar and sets them apart from others that have come before. The songs are, for the most part, somber and sad in terms of lyrical content - but that's part of the charm. The other part is full on rock n roll and epic atmospheric tunes that could stand-up against the likes of The Who and Pink Floyd.

I'll keep today's post short - but please check out my 5 suggested tracks by this band when you have a second.



Saturday, December 5, 2009

Harmony is Everything

Hello Friends,

I like the following definition for the word harmony the best...
the simultaneous combination of tones, esp. when blended into chords pleasing to the ear; chordal structure, as distinguished from melody and rhythm.

The reason I picked this word to speak of is that I've been listening to The Stereophonics for the past 24 hours in a very heavy rotation. The Stereophonics have got to be the single best band in the world at harmony today.

It all started when I got to the office and recieved my latest issue of Q Magazine. This is always a great day as Q truly is gospel for music. This month's magazine features Arctic Monkeys on the cover and a beautiful advertisment for the new Stereophonics album on the back. The cover to this disc is amazing.

The band formed in 1992 and have since released 7 full length albums and 1 greatest hits collection. That greatest hits collection also included a new track - that for my money is one their finest to date entitled 'My Star'.

The band are definetly a rock band in all senses of the term - but it's intelligent rock and the HARMONY in their songs is unbeatable today. In some tracks it's very subtle - but in others it is enought to give you goosebumps.

I was introduced to these guys through The Wedge on Muchmusic back in the early 90s. There was a video for 'Pick a Part that's New' where the band, 3 members at that time, robbed some gold and fill it in the trunk of 3 austin minis and drive around a European town to get away. At that time it blew my mind as the only music videos I was seeing were the likes of C&C Music Factory and EMF. The band have made some really good videos over the years. Check out this Stephen Kings esque video for Mr. Writer!

The band used to perform at least once a year in Toronto and play the Warehouse aka Kool Haus. It was always rammed and the crowd was so diverse each year.

I got to go back and meet the band one time after one of these shows and it was a great experience. Kelly (lead singer) is but a mere 5 feet tall and Richard (bass player) gave me 4 cans of Heineken in the span of 45 minutes chatting. I will always have a spot in my heart for this band.

In terms of harmony - I think it best left for the music to speak for itself. Check out these 5 tracks and pay close attention to their amazing ability to create harmony. These guys truly could have been a backing band to some of the Motown greats of years gone by.

Some of the finest lyrics written to accompany and allow for these great harmonic tunes. Here's a beauty from one of them...

'You're My Star"

You're my star
Yes you are
Its a thrill to see your imagination
Just watching you is an education
What's in your mind is my fascination
It blows my mind and sets my heart a racing

Man I love this band and think that you should check em out when you have a chance. Here's the latest single to get you started - INNOCENT

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

What are you listening to these days?

Hello Friends,

This is probably my single favourite question to be asked in the world. I tend to get asked this many times a month as lots of my friends know I have the access to new music because of what I do for a living. It really is something special to be able to talk about music as part of my day-to-day work and I am very thankful for that.

The sad thing is that when people ask this question of me these days I tend to be a bit embarassed at some of the stuff I actually am listening to. I tend to be listingening to lots of top 40 stuff. The fact is that it is the business of popular culture. The current list of songs and artist I am listening to (this week) might look a little something like this...

Lady Gaga - 'Bad Romance'

Beyonce - 'Sweet Dreams' (had to use that image - Beyonce is a godess)

Ke$ha = 'Tik Tok'

Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys - 'Empire State of Mind'

The Temper Trap - 'Sweet Disposition'

I'm not complaining - it's just funny how things change and how damn catchy these tracks are these days.

I did however play the new Julian Casablancas album today from start to finish a few times. So the next time someone asks me the question "What are you listening to these days" I can hold my head high and say just that.

Check this one out when you have a second. The album is really great. TOURIST HERE

Good Music Is Still Good Music at the end of the day.



Monday, November 9, 2009


Hello Friends,

I had an amazing concert experience last week and had to share it with you. It was at a fantastic venue in NYC called Joe's Pub and was the first night of 6 in a row for 2 members of the Scottish outfit TRAVIS.

This band got me hooked in the late 90s with the stunning videos they made. So contrary to what the Boggles said about music videos - this band sold me with them.

It was watching the New Music, with Sook Yin Lee, that I first saw these masterpieces. She was interviewing the band in the Blackmarket and throwing to videos throughout. The 2 stand outs where 'Driftwood' and 'Writing to Reach You'. This was at the same time the band were here to open for Oasis at Maple Leaf Gardens...and so double awesome for me!

The show I went to last week featured Fran (Lead singer) and Andy (Lead guitars) on a small stage playing songs in chronological order all the while giving the audience a wee (small) glimpse into the songs origins. It truly was magical and now I need to see all my favs do it this way.

The show was also accompanied with a slide show of the band and bits and pieces of their lives. The one that stood out for me was the story of the track 'Closer' from the album 'The Boy With No Name'. The story was a response to an accident in which the drummer of the band nearly died while on tour. He dove into the shallow end of a pool and damaged his spine severely. Fran explained that it was simply a message to his band + people in his life being very important and that it sucks it takes tragic events for us to see it. The video doesn't make me think that - but it has a killer cameo with Ben Stiller and Ricky Gervais in another version.

Side Note: Fran is wearing a Radio Clyde shirt in this video. If any of you know how to find a black on just like it - then please let me know. I have found it in red a million times - but need this one. My folks are from Clydebank and that is the location of this particular radio station. Shirt was originally made famous by Frank Zappa. CLOSER video

They truly are a special band and so if you trust me and want to check out my top 5 - then here you go...

Writing to Reach You
Hit Me Baby One More Time
Why Does It Always Rain On Me

Damn I wish I were in a band.

Thanks for reading.


PS - I know I look like an idiot in that photo - but it was great to say thanks to them for a wonderful music experience.

(Photo Credit: Raffaella Fornarelli:)

Monday, October 26, 2009

90's music

Hello Friends,

New music is something I have the luxury of working with each week as part of my job. It's amazing to me that this actually happens :)

I was at my older brother's place this past weekend for a birthday party. While I was there I noticed his CD collection in boxes. He's been going through them one at a time uploading them to the computer. It's a long daunting task - but necessary to do. Once complete - the CDs will act as art and art alone :(

I went through them for ages and grabbed about 20 discs that I didn't have - so I too could add them to my collection too.

I spent Sunday listening to them whilst uploading and wow it was an eye opener. The CDs I borrowed are from the 90s and majority of it sounded so dated.

Crazy how there's a distinct sound to an era. I don't mean something that brings you back to a time or period in your life either. I actually mean - the music sounds very early 90s. The crazy thing is that only certain bands/artists are able to transend time. I mean - listen to The Beatles, The Stone Roses, Joy Division, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin or U2. They all stand-up today and don't miss a beat if you heard them in a bar or club today.

The 90s was a very strange time for music. In Canada in particular (this is all I know;).

This was the time of Grunge and Boy Bands, and East Coast vs. West Coast hip-hop. It was a transition decade much like the Toronto Maple Leafs is going through now. People defined themselves by the music they listened to unlike anything before or anything that came after. Today you are more open to being eclectic...and it's wonderful.

Here are 5 stand-out tracks I listened to today while sifting through the CDs...

1. Meat Puppets - Backwater
2. The Cult - Heart of Soul
3. The LAs - There She Goes
4. Liz Phair - Supernova
5. Blur - There's No Other Way

Blur was the only one that didn't sounded dated in this list 

Thanks for reading.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello friends,

I saw a facebook posting from a friend the other day about their favourite song/track of 2009. Pretty bold, if you ask me, as it's only midway through October. Regardless - she got me thinking about the year 2009 (thanks Stacey) and god damn have there been some monster jams released.

It's fine because this is just a bloig anyway - but a dangerous thing to do if it were a print publication. Anyone that has ever worked in this industry knows that the record labels have some seriously big names dropping albums around the end of the year (last quarter of fiscals) to make sure that they make the year on paper. There also seems to be lots of 'Greatest Hits' 'Collections' 'Box Sets' and even 'Unreleased' albums put out at this time...with the same goal in mind (making the year financially).

I digress...

The year 2009 has seen some great music come out on all levels. This is tough as last year was one of the most amazing years for anyone like myself whom eats sleeps and breathes British Pop. I mean Oasis released their last studio record.

Special mentions go out to the following for making me smile...

  • Passion Pit

  • Phoenix

  • Drake

  • Muse

  • White Lies

  • Jack Penate

  • Eminem

  • Kasabian

  • U2

Still lots of 2009 left - so this will be revised come new year's day!

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

oh you've got green eyes, oh you've got blue eye


After meeting at a Sex Pistol's gig in 1976 something very special was born. The band began as Joy Division and continue on today as New Order.

Joy Division were the first to sign to Factory Records in which co-owner actually signed them in his own blood. Factory records was one of a kind in it's day - and took chances on the artists that they believed in and allowed them the time to create and record.

Joy Division only ever released 2 albums including 'Unknown Pleasures' and 'Closer' but the power of songs in the 2 alone would be enouogh to give them the the right to stand-up with some of the most influential bands of all time.

Ian Curtis committed suicide in 1980 bringing the original formation to a hault. The band didn't skip a beat and continued rehearsing and soon found themselves to become the rebirth in the form of a band now called New Order.

I have to digress at this point to tell you that it was this band alone that got me interested and excited about persuing a career in music.

As a child I used to go to the elementary school that my mother worked at during the summertime to be looked after. I was too young to be on my own - so as my mom was the secretary at the school and in the summer time it was just her and a janator - I would go and hang. I would bring my skateboard and was allowed to skate the hallways and gym. Amazing summer for a 12 year old kid.

One day the janitor was sweeping and cleaning all the old lockers. On the ground was binders and crap left behind from the school year. I came across a gold cassette tape with lipstck on it that was clearly a mixed tape of some cool grade 8 student. I took that thing home and the first song to play knocked me on my ass as it was 'Bizarre Love Triangle'. There was something about it that was unlike anything else I had ever heard before. This was the era of Whitney Houston and Debbie Gibson - so to hear these riffs was amazing. Thank you whom ever left that tape behind.

New Order have release 8 studio albums and countless remixes, box sets and live recordings since Ian's untimely departure.

I had the pleasure of seeing New Order perform in 2004 at T in the Park Music Festival and it was truly amazing. The only downfall was Brandon Flowers of The Killers joined them on stage for a song ;)

The band are truly one of those that you can play today and it stands-up and doesn't sound dated. Here's a quick list of the New Order tracks I would recommend you add to a collection if you don't already have.
  1. Shellshock
  2. True Faith
  3. Temptation
  4. Crystal
  5. Blue Monday
  6. Bizarre Love Triangle
  7. *Love Will Tear Us Apart
Alright - gotta make a playlist of the some New Order.

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Coolest Beatle

Hi Friends,

Well today turned out to be a Beatles day for me. From the second I got up to right this very moment - all signs keep pointing to The Beatles.

I'm seeing my Dad tomorrow so made a DVDR of all the recently re-released Beatles albums (sorry EMI friends). I also found a book in my apartment's laundry room (Spanish Beatles book with some amazing photos over the years) and on Facebook a friend was asking the question which Beatles album was the best.

I grew-up a child of British parents and so The Beatles was a constant soundtrack. My Dad was a MOD. It's clear to me now looking at old photos of him and his gang hanging in Blackpool or the Isle of Man wearing skinny ties, rocking clark wallabees and they all arrived there on the backs of motorbikes and scooters.

It all bleeds back to another Beatles moment this past week for me - in that a co-worker brought in George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass'. What an amazing album. If you don't have it - you must aquire it asap (Thanks Puga).

George was by far the coolest of The Beatles. He was a hippy before it was cool to be a hippy. He continued to create and evolve right up until the day he died. From The Quarry Men to The Beatles to solo albums and part of The Travelling Wilburys (Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison).

Everyone will have an opinion about The Beatles. From which album was the best, what Beatle was the coolest and who broken them up (clearly that Yoko bitch did). At the end of the day these past few months has been an amazing thing for music and arts. The world was re-introduced to The Beatles and their music.

ps - I learned something new today about my favourite Beatles cover band - Oasis. George Harrison recorded a few solo albums before The Beatles split. These included an instrumental soundtrack to a film entitled 'Wonderwall' that blended Indian and Western sounds (thanks Wikipedia).

The Magical Mystery Tour is waiting to take you away :)

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bands You Should Care About...

...that never seemed to make it big inside North America.

Hello friends,

I will never hide the fact that I consider British pop music to be the best stuff going. Nor will I deny that I have some Spice Girls albums, Take That singles and loved Duran Duran as a child. They have simply made music that works for my ears and I love it all. I'm not saying I don't like music from North America and trust me I can name a million Canadian Indie bands that I've seen over the years and have a place in my heart for all of them.

The bands I am going to recommend are not household names - however - you may know them - but do yourself (me) a favour and check out at leats one of these and give it a chance.

Here's a list of 5 tracks by artists I think that everyone should care about...

I really do hope you check out at least one - if not all these tracks and give em a proper headphones as you walk around chance!

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Favourite Theme Songs

Hello Friends,

A few year's ago a roommate of mine was working for TVT Records. TVT Stands for Television Tunes and started based on theme music for television shows - makes sense right?

I grew up in the 70s and 80s and so had the pleasure of hearing many of the greatest theme songs of all time. From Different Strokes - Who's The Boss - there were truly some big theme songs that had the masses singing along. What about The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Amazing.

I'm going to keep this short today - but here's a list of 5 classics that stand-out in my mind. I have distinct memories of each as a child :)

Theme songs shape a show - come on TV people - start looking for the next allan Thick!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009



I was very proud to say that I work for MTV today when I saw this .

Did you watch that? I had goosebumps and I've probably watched it 10 times today. I'll wait right here if you haven't - so go back and do so now!

MTV may not be the same thing that people remember from the days gone by - but nothing remains the same. The beauty of something like this weekend's VMA's special tribute to MJ is that we can all relive the greatness that was Michael Jackson. Court cases aside - the music is amazing and the tributes are indeed well earned. I heard rumours that Justin Timberlake and Madonna are going to be joining Janet Jackson on stage to mark the occasion. Perhaps Slash can join them for that guitar solo on 'Beat It'???

Here are my favourite MTV Video Music Awards clips featuring the man.

It's late so I will keep this one short. I recommend that you tune in this coming Sunday to watch the MTV VMAs to see the tribute to the King.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Clash and Oasis

Hello Friends,

A couple things on my mind in the past 2 days, Oasis breaking up (seems real this time) and all things The Clash.

I watched 'The Future is Unwritten', story of Joe Strummer, yesterday for the first time. I have always adored their music - but i see it now as perfection for its time. The man is truly a legend and did so much in his short life. Seems the trend these days which is sad.

Joe Strummer loved a campfire - who knew? I didn't - but damn right - a campfire is a perfect place to talk and tell stories or play music. I need more of these in my life :)

The Clash had their ups-and-downs like any other band - but when they recorded and album - they infused genres that had never been mashed before. Joe was the son of an Indian father that worked as a diplomat and his mother was from the far North of Scotland. Raised around the world and influenced by so many great things along the way. It all added up to a catalogue of music that stands-up today and will do for years to come.

Here's a quick list of must own Clash tracks...

  1. Rock the Casbah

  2. Magnificent 7

  3. Straight to Hell

  4. White Riot

  5. Train in Vain

I'm sorry I never had a chance to see this band as they sure as hell brought it each and everytime they walked on a stage. Long live The Clash!

Now. Oasis breaking-up? Again? Is Noel serious this time? I think he is. In this day-and-age of twitter and facebook - the word of his departure spread like wildfire...and details are not spared. The updates seem fierce and angry. I hope it can be sorted - but if not - they had a good 18 year run. The mighty Oasis has fallen.

Although the press are reporting it as Noel leaving Oasis...lets face facts here - Noel is Oasis. He writes all their tunes (I know - Liam wrote a few over time - but honestly - Little James??).

They work perfect together on stage - like The Beatles once did. Much like John and Paul - I guess the off stage relationship was too much to carry on. Not sure where Liam will end up - but I'm certain that Noel's solo career will flourish. Time will tell...but in the meantime check this classic performance and song!!

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Perfect Pop Song

Hello Friends,

I think it has to be played on headphones as you wander around a city regardless of what it is. I have so many on my list that are simply perfect because of just that.

Top 5 headphone pop tracks (well... in the past 2 years anyway)

  1. Kim & Jessie - M83

  2. House of Cards - Radiohead

  3. Kick Push - Lupe Fiasco

  4. Live Your Life - T.I. Feat Rihanna

  5. Summertime - NKOTB (yep - that one;)

Guilty pleasure? There's nothing to feel guilty about listening to a piece of music that makes you smile. I have so many things in my collection that one might feel embarassed about. I don't anymore as I now don't care. Good music really is good music and and gimic is a gimic is a gimic (stole that from Noel).

I bought the Drake track from iTunes today as it's a great pop tune. I know it's Jimmy from Degrassi - but come on - Hova is now doing tracks with him. This guy is for real.

Anyway - just left a showcase for an artist from Australia named Daniel Merriweather. It was amazing and I hope that you all get a chance to hear his music.

Speak soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Canadian Radio = Balls

Hello friends,

I had last week off from work and decided to take some time away from Twitter and Facebook. Get back to basic really. It was liberating to not be looking at my blackberry every five second (albeit I did out of habit - just didn't reply). I borrowed car to go away for a night and learned about radio and it's nasty ways.

I swear to you that in the 2 days I spent in a car I heard the following 3 songs at least 10 times each...

          1. Lady Gaga - 'Papprazzi'

          2. Kings of Leon - 'Use Somebody'

          3. Black Eyed Peas - 'I Gotta Feeling'

          I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with these songs - because I know that they are great pop songs. The problem is that this is all that Canadian radio is playing these days. I had the radio of scan and I could not differencieate between any station other than a rock on out of St. Catherines. Don't get me started on that - these stations have not updated a playlist since 87.

          The good thing that came of this was that I now know that we (the media types) have our work cut-out for us and need to do a better job of letting people know what is out there by way of new music and interesting music that will excite and keep them smiling.

          Here's a top 5 tunes tht should be on radio in Canada today...

          1. Daniel Merriweather - 'Change'

          2. Little Boots - 'Remedy'

          3. Snow Patrol - 'The Planets Bend Between Us'

          4. Bloc Party - 'One More Chance'

          5. La Roux - 'Bulletproof' (this one pains me to say as I really hate it - but 'good music is good music')

          Give real radio a chance.

          Hope you're doing well - speak soon!


          Monday, August 10, 2009

          Jack Penate

          Hey There,

          Alright - I keep hearing new singles and love this guy more and more each time I do. It seems ages since I first heard his name - but was impressed to be walking through a GAP the other day and heard 'Tonight's Today' playing over the in-store system. Now the album isn't out here until next week - but the 3 songs I know of are killer. The other 2 I've heard are 'Have I Been A Fool' and 'Be The One'.

          I know I've said it before - but British radio is the best in the world. It's the best for one simple reason - they know that good music is good music (full circle raff). They can play a track by Beyonce into Will Smith's 'Gettin Jiggy With It' and then into a classic Stone Roses track. They know that it's their job to teach people about music and open them up to other genres and artists. Here in Canada the radio station is programmed by the advertisers. For argument sake the Automobile ManuFacturers are the reason why you hear so much of the same stuff on repeat. They advertise with stations (television too) that reaches the largest # of audience. There's no thought as to what is being played and to whom they are actually hitting. They go for the biggest bang for their buck. How does this dictate you ask? The radio stations fear that if they stray from playing the same 10 recognizable songs that they will lose listeners/viewers and so they don't take a chance. Jack penate would be a house-hold name if give the time to be heard. There's countless artists like him that you can say the same for. It's a shame!

          It's funny that a friend of mine recently told me that they were fed up with radio as all they are hearing is Nickelback, Our Lady Peace, Kings of Leon and Arkells. The crazy thing is that the Arkells are amazing and I was so happy to hear that he even knew them. It's one in a million that broke through the mold. Note: As the title of my blog says - good music is good music - so know that I'm not knocking any of the bands - even Nickelback...I'm simply saying there's more room and that we should not allow advertisers to set the playlists.

          Everybody wants to have their hand in the entertainment business. Look at what a mess Edgar Brofman Jr made of Universal. Stick to alcoholic beverages.

          Give people more credit - introduce them to other music and people will generally be happier.

          My quick top 5 list of songs that should be on radio in Canada right now (not just as a feature)...

          1. Gossip - Heavy Cross

          2. Jack Penate - Tonight's Today

          3. Kasabian - Fire

          4. Passion Pit - Cuddle Fuddle *I live the opening beat of this track

          5. Doves - Winter Hill
          Thanks for reading this far.


          Tuesday, August 4, 2009


          Hey There,

          Eminem is someone I go through phases of liking and then not liking at all. It seems to be at the start or release of his first single as i find the formula to be the same. Remember Slim Shady, Just Lose It and now We Made You? These are the songs that I hate by Eminem. On the other side of the coin - Eminem is a genius who has released some classics that will withstand the test of time for sure.

          Even though I may not like those above mentioned singles I can still appreciate them as great pop songs.

          The following is a list of my top 5 Eminem songs (in no particular order)

          • Superman

          • Stan

          • Beautiful *this is my new favourite

          • Bitch Please II

          • What's The Difference

          I had the pleasure of working on The Marshall Mathers LP as my first job with the record company back in 2000. That album brought Eminem through Toronto on tour with the Up in Smoke Tour featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop, Ice Cube with a partial NWA reunion (minus Eazy of course). Snoop filled in and they performed one song...but I digress. Eminem opened the night and was in fine form. The afternoon was simply amazing as we did a press conference with Eminem and Dr. Dre (Snoop and Ice Cube got held up at the border) to confront all the protest that he was allowed to perform in our fair city. After the conference we actually watched soundchecks of Eminem and the master himself Dr. Dre. Damn I wish I had a camera phone back fact I wish I had a cellular phone back then.

          Alright I'm rambling here.

          Thanks for reading.


          Monday, July 27, 2009

          Muse is Queen/King

          Hello Friends,

          Holy crap - have you heard the new Muse single 'United States of Eurasia' ? Well please click and do so...I'll wait until you have to continue.

          Unreal how much Matt Bellamy sounds like Freddy Mercury - and the music is so massive and atmospheric. Wow - I'm not sure what to say or do - instead I will take my hat off to the lads for being amazing!

          The band are currently on tour opening for U2 - and if you've not heard them before - you will now understand why.

          They have also been announced as a perfromer at this year's MTV Video Music Awards in September. What this says to me is that MTV are trying to get back in the music game and no better choice at this particular time than MUSE. Well done!!

          Here's a quick list - or beginners guide to some Muse tracks to get you started.

          • Time is Running Out

          • Starlight

          • Invincible

          • Feeling Good

          • Super Massive Black Hole

          Thank you Muse for releasing such beautiful music.


          Monday, July 20, 2009

          The 90s Re-visited

          Hello Friends,

          Today saw the release of a new Pearl Jam single 'The Fixer' and it got me thinking how quickly time is flying by. It also saw the announcement from the Beastie Boys that Adam Yauch aka MCA has a form of mouth cancer and that they will need to pospond their forthcoming tour and album release.

          It's pretty crazy for me to think that the music these 2 bands have created is now this old. I just looked up MCA on wikipedia and he's 45. The Beastie Boys started in 1979...making this a 30th anniversay of the group. 30 years of being totally relevant and breaking ground for so many that came after.

          Pearl Jam started as a band in 1990 - which is a mere 19 years ago now - and were one of the front runners of a movement. They too have stood the test of time and are still making relevant records too.

          The past few years have seen many bands that I love come back on tour and release new albums keeping their names alive in the world of music. I am happy to see concert calendars that now consist of forthcoming shows by the likes of The Happy Mondays, The Charlatans and Pearl Jam headlining Virgin Festival in Calgary.

          My question is who, if any, artists starting out today will be able to keep this kind of stay with relevant music and coolness? The Jonas Brothers? They are the biggest thing going right now - but will their tween audience grow with them or out of them? Will Miley Cyrus be looking back at her days as Hannah Montana much the same way Britney does for The Mickey Mouse Club? Or will she be like the youngest brother of Hanson?

          Here's 5 songs I will be listening to this afternoon because of this walk down memory lane...

          Pearl Jam - Immortality

          1. Pearl Jam - Release

          2. Pearl Jam - Immortality

          3. Beastie Boys - Pass The Mic

          4. Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro

          5. The Charlatans - The Only One I Know

          have a great week!


          Wednesday, July 15, 2009


          Hello Friends,

          Over the years I have had the pleasure of seeing many bands in different venues around the world. Each city has it's own favourites and there's always some great history as to why and to who has played there. I live in Toronto so obviously have a soft spot for some of these places as I've seen so many shows here.

          I currently work for MTV in Canada and have the pleasure of working in The Masonic Temple building at Younge and Davenport. This particular budiling is also well know as it used to be called the Concert Hall and the likes of David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Rod Stewart and many more perfromed here over the years.

          The top 5 venues that I've seen shows at are as follows...

          1. Shepperd's Bush Empire - London, England

          2. Massey Hall - Toronto, Canada

          3. The Bowrey Ballroom - NYC, USA

          4. The Barrowlands - Glasgow, Scotland

          5. Lee's Palace - Toronto, Canada

          My favourite Massey Hall show was Eddie Vedor of Pearl Jam doing a solo show to promote the release of 'Into The Wild' soundtrack. It was a special night indeed!

          I've kept every single ticket stubb for each concert I have ever been to - so will make a list about them one day. They all live in a shoebox - so it seems a daunting task at this time to organize them.

          Speak soon.


          Thursday, July 9, 2009

          Green with Envy

          Hello Friends,

          I had the pleasure of being sent to the 'T in the Park Music Festival' in the UK for work a few years back. I was there to chaperone to a camera crew and a few contest winners - but was able to explore the sights whilst there.

          I write about this today as I read the listings to this years along with all the other forthcoming festivals and get supoer green with envy. Check this line-up out! and right across the Irish sea is another festival happening at the same time called Oxygen and it's pretty much the same line-up just toggling the dates check it here!

          I mean you know you have a great festival when Janes Addiction and NIN are playing the second stage - amazing!

          Here's a quick top 5 I would would hoping to see live this weekend if I were so luck as to be there...

          1. Blur - She's So High

          2. Snow Patrol - The Planets Bend Between Us

          3. The Killers - Indy Rock n Roll

          4. Glasvegas - Flowers and Football Tops

          5. Paolo Nutini - Jenny Don't Be Hasty

          Another beauty that is happening tonight is that OASIS are set to take the stage at Wembley! It's a good time to be on the Island.

          Have fun if you are and send some pix!


          Wednesday, July 8, 2009



          Alright - I was at the airport in Toronto this past Tuesday awaiting the plane to arrive from nyc to return to nyc with me on it. It's been delayed now for 3 hours.
          I can't remember or even imagine what it was like waiting before the invention of iPods and cell phones, Blackberry.

          I'm forever impressed with iPod shuffle and now genius for that matter. I am easily impressed to begin with :)

          Here's a list of the last 10 tracks that have been served up to me...and I loved every second of it.

          1. Aint nothing like the real thing Baby - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

          2. Trick Rider - Gord Downie

          3. Hotel Yorba - White Stripes (and I hate this band)

          4. Love will come Through - Travis

          5. Just for You - Sam Cooke

          6. Could well be In - The Streets (love Mike Skinner's music)

          7. Reckoner - Radiohead

          8. The Boy with the Arab Strap - Belle & Sebastien

          9. Turn your lights down Low - Bob Marley feat Lauryn Hill

          10. Stronger than Me - Amy Winehouse

          Not a bad little line-up.


          Sunday, June 28, 2009

          The Man in the Mirror

          Hi there,

          This past week saw the passing of some entertainment legends. From Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon to The King of Pop - Michael Jackson. Wow - what a stinger for the business as a whole.

          It was pretty amazing on Friday as I walked home from work. Every store had his music playing and loads of stores had posters and even 'Thriller' albums in their windows. I was proud that the company I work for did it's part to pay respect and got to play a small role in pushing through some memorial/homage to the man. I work for MTV and between MJ and Madonna - this channel was built and established.

          From a life that nobody will ever be able to comprehend - to a career that surpassed all others before and there-after...he will be importalized as simply the best.

          His music is and will always be relevant in this world. He may have been a flawed man in his day to day - but onstage and in the studio this was the greatest entertainer ever.

          The best way to remember him is to listen to his music, watch his videos and remember what it was that grabbed you when you first heard it. Was it early Jackson 5? Was it 'Off the Wall' or was it the first time you saw the music video to 'Thriller'? Whatever it was - remember it - relive it and enjoy it!

          Here's a quick top 5 MJ tunes that I know I will always cherish.

          • Rock with You (1979)

          • Human Nature (1983)

          • Billy Jean (1983)

          • Man in the Mirror (1988)

          • You Rock My World (2001)

          The single greatest on stage perfromance of all time. Watch it now!

          In Memory of Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

          Thanks for reading.


          Tuesday, June 23, 2009

          New Tunes and Rock Shows

          Hello Friends,

          It's been a very busy few weeks in Toronto for music and pop culture. Last week started with French favs Phoenix playing at the Phoenix (I never went but hear it was a love-in). Tuesday saw Passion Pit land at Lee's Palace to a sold out crowd and rocked the place (don't actually think rock is the right word here - maybe danced?)

          NXNE kicked of on Wednesday and was a mainstay throughout the city for the rest of the week. Then came Canada's premiere music awards show (not knocking the Junos - this one's just better). I was working in the background on these ones and it was a great show to be a part of and see come full circle. From Alexisonfire, Billy Talent, Lady Gaga, Jobros, Black Eyed Peas and Nickelback - this show was amazing. I even saw the shit go down between Perez and Will.I.Am. Toronto is the mecca for Canadian music - like it or not.

          On to a quick list of new tunes I am in love with now...

          1. It Don't Move Me - Peter Bjorn & John VIDEO HERE

          2. Heavy Cross - The Gossip *the album version is far better than the video edit.

          3. Fire - Kasabian

          4. Geraldine - Glasvegas *Acoustic version - haunting is the only word to describe this!

          5. Throw it in the Bag - Fabolous feat. The Dream *a banger

          Special shout-out to the 90s as there seems to be a strange comeback happening right now in that loads of lost names/artist are coming back - be it in concert or releases. I for one am loving it - as I see those days as the most important of my life thus far. Here's a few to make mention of ...with a special shout out to Cracker - to whom I will be seeing in concert tonight at Lee's Palace.

          • Happy Mondays - touring this fall and stopping in Toronto in October

          • Charlatans coming this Sept. to Toronto

          • Stone Roses set to release some un-release materials in the coming months

          • Cracker aka Camper van Beethoven in Toronto tonight

          • Lastly - I've been listening to The Counting Crows, The Killers & older Oasis recently :)

          have a wonderful day - speak soon!


          Thursday, June 18, 2009

          Keep it coming.

          Hello Everyone,
          Alright - it's happening again...there's new music coming out each and everyday that is making me happy. I was sent the latest single by Beth Ditto's group Gossip and it's a blinder. Anthemic and uplifting is exactly what the doctor has ordered. The single is called 'Heavy Cross' and it's near perfect for this exact moment in music. I had heard and read all the hype on Beth last year as she took over SXSW and NME wrote about her each and everyday...but for me it was the theme of SKINS (UK tv series) that sold me. Check this out!!!

          Here's a fewmore gems that have made me smile of late...

          1. Cuddle Fuddle - Passion Pit (saw them at Lee's Palace this week) this beat is awesome

          2. Geraldine - Glasvegas (acoustic version - haunting and beautiful)

          3. I Know What I Am - Band of Skulls

          4. Hey Now - Oasis (there's always gotta be a bit of these boys in your life)

          5. Ballad of Hugo Chavez - Arkells

          Fingers crossed that this stuff keeps coming - as it's simply a great time in music.

          If you're in the Toronto area this weekend get out and support Canadian music at NXNE's always a great time!


          Sunday, June 14, 2009


          Hello friends,

          I chose the subject 'lyrics' after seeing a friend's facebook update using some today. I've done it - and I think many of us have. Is it people trying to look profound and smart or literally repeating these lyrics to show their love of just that. Maybe it's a bit of both - who knows. This particular update was by 1990's favourites The Counting Crows. I loved this band and at this very moment am listening to 'August and Everything After'. When this album came out in 1993 - people were into albums. Not that people aren't into albums now - but I bet you people knew more album tracks in this era than they do today. It's natural based on the progression in technology - but it's also sad when you think about it. This album had so many amazing tracks that never made it as singles and I like them far more than I do the actual singles. I'm certain that most would agree as I remember seeing the crowds at the Molson amphitheatre sing along to "Sullivan Street". I digress - I was here to write about lyrics today. Here's a quick top 5 list of lyrics that have moved me in my days...

          1. "Noone's interested in something you didn't do" - Tragically Hip's - 'Wheat Kings' (very true)

          2. "Just because I'm losing doens't mean I'm Lost" - 'Coldplay's - 'Lost' (nice pick-me up lyric)

          3. "Trying to make ends meet - you're a slave to the money then you die" - The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (greatest song ever recorded)

          4. "If we're lost - then we are lost together" - Blue Rodeo - 'Lost Together' (beautiful)

          5. "We have agreed with which we have a greed" Eddie Veddor - 'Society' (love plays on words like this)

          6. "The sadest thing that I've ever seen was smokers outside the hostpital doors" The Editors - 'Smokers outside the hospital doors' (I was quitting smoking when I first heard this)

          7. "Ride our bikes into town, for some hockey cards and whatever trouble may be found" Sam Roberts - 'Every Part of Me (reminds me of childhood - beautiful track)

          There's clearly a million lyrics out there to quote and reflect upon day in and day out...and these are just a couple quick fixes from looking at my library. I take my hat off to songwriters as it may seem an easy thing to do - but I dare you to try and write a tune. It's tough and bets left for the artists themselves. I will stick to writing mty feelings in cards and perhaps stealing the odd quote from them.

          Thanks for reading.


          Thursday, June 11, 2009

          Hip Hop Hooray

          Hello Friends,

          I was looking at Toronto concert lisitings today, in some Toronto publications, and was suprised to see that Ice Cube was perfroming this summer at The Sound Academy. I was in there looking to see who was at this year's North by Northeast Music Festival which kicks off next week. It's the festival in which I can proudly say gave me my start in this business. It's good people that come out each year and even better people that run it. An Englishman and a Welsh lass. It's a fun little festival and really is about the music. They stay true to what the festival is each year and this year proves to be the same. Check out the schedules here.

          Based on my concert finding today - here's a little Hip Hop list of tunes I'm digging up as I type this...

          1. Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It

          2. Das Efx - They Want Efx

          3. LL Cool J - Boomin System (one of the nicest guys and total pioneer in the game)

          4. Redhead Kingpin - Do The Right Thing

          5. Maestro Fresh Wes - Let Your Backbone Slide *CANADIAN

          *Do you remember how big this song actually was in 1989?

          Maestro did it and is still making waves today (check his wiki page) and so will many more Canadian's to come - be it Hip Hop or Punk - we make some great music up here.

          NXNE Music Festival starts next Wednesday - get out there and support our troops.


          Wednesday, June 10, 2009

          The Perfect Pop Song


          I have found that in the last week I got a little bored with what my playlists had to offer and needed a bit of an old school flavour to get me through the day. It all started when we were sitting in the office playing a youtube "remember this old song" with a few collegues. I then found myself on iTunes buying a few tracks by artists like TLC, Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock and even re-investigating a few NKOTB songs. I'm big enough to admit that I love a good pop song from time to time.

          I found myself on the subway platform today, my iPod was on shuffle, and "Rock your Body" by Justin Timberlake came on. It's a great song...but as I entered the cart I found myself turning the volume down as it was packed and I feared what the people around me might think. Stupid I know.

          Here's a quick list of pure candy pop songs I have loved listening to in the past week...

          1. TLC - "What about your friends"

          2. NKOTB - "Summertime"

          3. Joey Scarbury - "Greatest American Hero" (theme song)

          4. Justin Timberlake - "What Goes Around Comes Around"

          5. Toto - "Africa"

          Greatest Amercian hero brings me right back to my childhood hurrying to have a bath, grab a snack (usually some wicked cereal like captain crunch) and sitting with my brother and Dad as this song kicked in to start the show!

          alright - gotta work.

          speak soon.

          Wednesday, June 3, 2009



          Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand said it best when he said "Just because Britney Spears didn't write the song Womanazier - it doesnt make it a bad song". This was in reference to his band covering exactly that RADIO CLIP ". In fact that's the point to this blog I started entitled "Good Music Is Good Music".

          Perhaps it's the Scottish that are best at covering Britney in general Travis cover if Brit .

          The fact remains that a good pop-song is a good pop-song and the word 'Pop Music' is literal. Pop music means just that, 'Popular Music', and anything can fit into this grouping. If the most underground of underground artists becomes commercially successful and a house hold name - then it too becomes pop music. And NO they did not sell-out in doing so.

          Covers are a tricky thing in my opinion because they arean homage to an artist that you like and it's your take on the track. Many artists became big by doing a cover off the top of their careers. Do you remember the Barenaked Ladies cover of 'Lovers in a Dangerous Time' .

          I've not done a list for a few posts so here's my list of great covers...

          1. Dancing in the moonlight - by King Harvest - covered by Toploader

          2. Run - by Snow Patrol - covered by Leona Lewis

          3. Landslide - by Fleetwood Mac - covered by Smashing Pumpkins

          4. Headmaster's Ritual - by The Smiths - covered by Radiohead

          5. Hurt - by N.I.N. - covered by Johnny Cash

          There are obviously many more amazing covers - but these are nice standouts in my player.

          Have a good day!

          Monday, June 1, 2009

          Tom Petty

          Hello Friends,

          Now everyone knows Tom Petty's music and could likely sing along to at least one of his tunes from start to finish (probably 'Free Fallin') - but man has he written some amazing music over the years. I recently watched a documentary, put out by Warner Music, called 'Runnin' Down a Dream'. It's 4 hours of pure amazingness. The man is a legend and really set the bar for bands and artists to come after him.

          Here's a link to the trailer watch it!

          I had the pleasure of seeing Tom Petty on tour when he released 'Into the Great Wide Open'. It was at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens and the set was a human heart that he walked down the stairs of. It was truly an amazing musical experience for me and was only the second concert I had ever seen live.

          Tom Petty is always best heard when sitting up north on a hot summers day whilst the sun beats down and you lounge on a dock. He is rock n roll and a rebel none the less.

          Check this movie out if you want to know about starting a band or what it takes to be a rock star!

          "Even the losers - get lucky sometimes"

          Thanks for reading


          Friday, May 29, 2009


          Happy Friday,

          I am pretty sure that around 3 pm this afternoon you're going to be in need of an inspiring track to get you all excited for the weekend. The beauty of music today is that you have this thing called the iTunes library and it gives you thousands of choices to pick from and if it's aint doing it for you - then youtube had pretty much anything you can think of. For me today's song will be from a classic band called Cracker. Cracker formed from the older version of the band called Camper van Beethoven. Do you remember a song called 'Take the Skinheads Bowling'? It was used in Michael Moore's film 'Bowling for Columbine'.

          When Cracker's album 'Kerosene Hat' came out, in 1993, bands/artists were always adding bonus secret hidden tracks to their albums. This particular one had 3 and one was this gem 'Euro-trash Girl' . The funny thing about these hidden tracks today in 2009 is that when you go to upload on your iTunes player (that's what I am using) it counts out the other #s before you get all the way to the hidden track at #69. What this means it that you will have many 1 second sound clips from the end of the disc at #15 - #69 where the first hidden track is. I guess it's better than the old days of having to skip ahead that many times manually.

          1993 - holy shit. Ps - Cracker came to mind as I see that they are perfroming at Lee's Palace on June 23rd. I will be there!

          Have a great weekend!


          Thursday, May 28, 2009

          Do I Like Dance Music??? WTF

          Dear Diary,

          I'm finding myself really enjoying the odd dance track these days. It's not dance music like you would hear in a shitty club in the 'Club District' of say Toronto - but something with a beat and high energy. Here's a quick top 5 list of dance/ish tracks I am in love with right now.

          1. Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

          2. Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone

          3. Jack Penate - Today's Tonight

          4. Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008

          5. Vega - No Reason *shout out to Raffy

          Now. Stick in some headphones and watch this promo video made for Vega's 'No Reason' it features footage from the Josh Brolin classic 'Thrashin'. I used ot love this movie along side 'The Search for Animal Chin'...god damn I'm getting old.

          Thanks for reading


          Wednesday, May 27, 2009

          The People Have Spoken

          well...the British people anyway. Here's a list from XFM radio in the UK for the top 100 British songs of all time and it's pretty obvious that Oasis did trump Blur in the end! Fuck you Damon!

          Now go and treat yourself with some Oasis this afternoon and celebrate.


          Tuesday, May 26, 2009

          Scotland The Brave...


          Paolo Nutini quite possibly the strangest Scottish accent I've ever heard - and my background is Scottish. Whatever you think at first listen - this guy is a gem and is one hell of a songwriter. The new album out next week is chalk full of amazing tracks that become more and more infectious as you listen. The song entitled 10/10 sounds as though he is actually from Jamica and of the Marley Clan. Hear 4 tracks on MTV Drops now .
          It's not just Paolo making waves in Scotland these days either - there's many bands and many have come before. I gotta keep this short but here's my daily list and this time it consists of 5 Scottish tunes you need on your iPod...

          1. Glasvegas - Flowers and Football Tops
          2. Franz Ferdinand - Tell Her Tonight
          3. Travis - Selfish Jean
          4. Primal Scream - Loaded
          5. Snow Patrol - Disaster Button *Not actually Scottish - but live there (this new album is amazing - give it another try if you didn't love the first time)

          That's me for now.

          If it's not Scottish it's crap!


          Monday, May 25, 2009

          Doves - Take 2

          I totally forgot to serve ya this tasty link as well... the boys are fookin magic. Check it out with some headphones cranked for best results. (same goes for any music really).

          ps - 1 Week tonight they take the stage here in Toronto.



          I can't get enough of this new album. It's beautiful, it's epic and so atmospheric and perfect. This band can do no wrong and have done nothing wrong. A faceless band is exactly what the world needs. These fellas (3 piece) are out there creating some of the most amazing tunes and I bet you that 99.9% of the population would walk past them on a street - including in the UK. Please take a minute and give a delicious (only really tasty tracks can be refered to this way).
          Anyway - it's Monday and what better way to celebrate than with some great new music. I listened to lots this weekend and here's a list of treats you should investigate a bit further. I have referenced why I was listening to each in case you were curious...

          1. It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry - Glasvegas *Skins season 3 twins episode
          2. Sleepyhead - Passion Pit *Skins season 3 twins episode
          3. Whatever - Oasis *I was asking a friend what album it was on (it's not on any - it was a bridge single between 2 albums)
          4. Firewoman - The Cult *It came on at the gym and I went into repeat mode immediately
          5. King's Highway - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers *You always need a bit of TB&TheHBS

          That's all I got right now.

          Thanks for reading.


          Friday, May 22, 2009

          First Song of the Day

          Happy Friday,

          Canadian radio is much like every other country's radio these days...boring as hell and repetative. To my suprise this morning was tad different in that the first song I heard was The Clash's epic 'Rock the Casbah'. I think it was because the regular morning DJ was off and this guy was trying to turn some heads. Well it worked! A good song to start your day is the best medicine of all no matter what song it is. I tend to go through phases of what I play on the subway toi work each morning and of late I have been going with full albums start to finish. It started this week with Eminem's latest 'Relapse' and I've since gone back to check out 'The Marshal Mathers LP'. The new album came out this week so not suprisingly his name has been all over the media and it's here that got me hooked. Eminem was in studio at the BBC to speak with Zane Lowe about his career thus far and it was amazing! If you are an artists and have the priveldge of being interviewed by Zane - then you are the big winner. He makes things so exciting.
          Anyway - I was talking about songs first thing in the AM that make for a great day. Here's the top 5 list of tunes I have woken up to recently that made me smile...

          1. The Clash - 'Rock the Casbah'
          2. Coldplay - 'Fix You'
          3. Oasis - 'Do You Know What I Mean'
          4. Tragically Hip - 'Courage'
          5. Doves - 'Winter Hill'

          Only 2 of these were on the radio. I selected the others for the walk to the subway, but none-the-less, great start to the day.

          that's all I got right now.

          ps. I'm listening to BBC Radio 1 right now and Jack Penate is on - FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC artist!


          Thursday, May 21, 2009

          In My Opinion...

          The British are simply better at music because they eat sleep and breathe it daily. North Americans, for the most part, are content and can take it or leave it and don't actively search for new stuff. I really wish we did more as it would be a better life - because In my opinion - music does indeed make things better.

          Have you seen or heard of the UK channel 4 series entitled Skins? It's a great series that follows teenagers around Bristol, England. It shows us what teenagers are actually doing on their spare time rather than the way the OC and 90210 depict it. The beauty of this series is the use of music in scenes and key moments. If I could work my dream job it would be to do just the tracks for television and motion pictures. I digress, the series is brilliant and stars some recognizable faces like the lead from Slum Dog Millionaire as well as the lead boy from About a Boy (he's grown-up now).

          Here's a few tracks that were featured in this series...

          • Adele - 'Hometown Glory'
          • MGMT - 'A Time to Pretend'
          • Gossip - 'Standing in the Way of Control'
          • Crystal Castles - 'Alice Practice'
          Anyway - you really should check this series out when you have a chance as it's pretty damn great.

          speak soon.


          Wednesday, May 20, 2009

          Snow Patrol - The Planet's Bend Between Us

          Favourite song this week...

          Today in Music (Entry #1)

          My name is Gregg and I have been working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years now. It really is a labour of love and I have learned this over the years by brushing shoulders with some of the most passionate people in the world. I now feel comfortable in saying I too am passionate in what I do and can't honestly think of another business that I'd rather be in. If you enjoy what you do for a living you are a rich person and so I truly feel like I am a very wealth man.

          This is my first blog and I gotta say I'm excited. The world of music has never been so amazing, in my opinion, and with each passing week I'm craving more and more. I like simple conversations about music that consist of lists. From my experience everyone loves to do lists. Facebook lists about anything and everything keep popping up in my feed and I always find time to squeeze in a top 5 list on something be it Top 5 solo artists, Top 5 Shoe brands, Top 5 actresses I'd like to sleep with - and of course Top 5 Albums of all time.

          I'll keep this first post short - but think it's only right that I end it with a Top 5 list from me. So in the vain of Rob Gordon (John Cusack's characther in High Fidelity) here is my list of Top 5 all time slow jams...

          1. Coldplay's - 'Green Eyes'
          2. Snow Patrol's - 'Run'
          3. The Verve's - 'Sonnet'
          4. Oasis' - 'She is Love'
          5. Travis' - 'Closer'

          hope I did alright here - speak soon.