Monday, December 3, 2012

My Favourite Concerts of 2012

There's still a few weeks left before the year 2012 comes to a close but I'm calling it now.   This year's seen some of the world's biggest names drop by Toronto on tour.  This city is actually one of the best in the world when it comes to being able to see live music.  There's at least 3 solid shows on any given week.  Be it in The Horseshoe on a sweaty summer night, the Kool Haus in the middle of January or as the sunsets over lake Ontario in late September at Molson Amphitheatre.  The venues are amazing and the music even better.

I've seen lots of shows over the last 12 months and found it tough to narrow down my top picks.  I actually had to open the shoebox and pull out all my ticket stubs for cross reference.  

Live music is one of the most amazing things a person can experience.  When it's perfect both the crowd and band connect making true magic happen.

I saw some beauties this year and have selected these 5 as my top picks of 2012.

Snow Patrol at Massey Hall on April 17th

This band should be way bigger in Canada than they currently are.  The lyrics and melodies are beautiful and the sound is massive.  This show was in Toronto's finest venue making the sound that much greater.  Ed Sheeran opened and even joined them on stage for a song.  

The Sheepdogs at Echo Beach on September 15th 

This was one of the most amazing nights down by the lake I have ever experienced.  The crowd was ready to party as it was a Saturday night.  The band brought rock n roll and some friends to host this party.  They past the 11pm curfew and could have played all night long.  This was the closer to give you a small glimpse into how great it was.

Of Monsters and Men at Kool Haus on November 16th 

This band will be named as nominees for a Grammy by this time tomorrow.  I hope I'm right because they truly deserve it.  I had seen them earlier this year at The Phoenix but this night, one of 2 sold out shows at Kool Haus, was something special.  I had goosebumps when I watched that crowd smile and sing along to every word of this beautiful album.  

Bruce Springsteen at Rogers Centre (Skydome) on August 24th

I had never seen "The Boss" in concert before this evening.  He lived up to his name and then some under the stars and shadow of the CN Tower in Toronto.  It was the closest thing to a religious experience I have ever witnessed.  The tall boys and excitement with my buddy Scotty may have helped inspire this.  If you can - then you must see this man at least one time before you die.

Kasabian at Kool Haus on March 29th

It's tough to beat a religious experience but this night was truly rock n roll for me.  I went with a few friends from Sony and even got to hang with the band after.  We had a few beers while I witnessed some of the most rock n roll debauchery back stage.  These guys are rock stars in every sense of the word.  From the second they hit the stage they command the audience.  They do it with style, grace and a fuck off amount of swagger.  Off stage they're not even close to doing yoga and drinking Fiji waters.  It's necking bottles of red and listening to their favourite tunes cranked to 11.  I even got the set-list from the band's dressing room after the gig.  I never do that.

Both Tom and Serge (main guys) are the picture perfect role model for any up and coming rockers.  Watch and learn from the best!

Honourable mentions for live concerts in 2012 include...

  • Nickelback w Bush at Air Canada Centre
  • Sam Roberts Band at Echo Beach
  • The Killers at Sound Academy
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers at Air Canada Centre
  • City and Colour at Molson Amphitheatre and Massey Hall
Still a few shows left on the calendar so here's hoping they too are amazing.

Thanks for reading/listening.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Favourite Albums of 2012

In a singles driven market it might be tough for you to pinpoint a favourite new album these days.  I have the luxury of both time and patience when it comes to this so have decided to share my annual picks in a post.

2012 is far from over but most albums have already come out - or will be out in the next 2 weeks.  It's about set-up and having the music ready for holiday shopping both in stores and online.  So I'm fine calling my top 10 12 albums at this point.

This year had some amazing new music to offer from newcomers and old faithfuls alike.  It's inspiring because the albums I've selected are of all genres in an otherwise pop driven world.

Names like Ed Sheeran and Mumford & Sons may not be breaking new ground with their music but they're something for the masses to enjoy as they open up to the notion that it's not only about pop.  Bands that are not into choreographed dance can still make a name for themselves today.

There's definitely room for pop in our lives - I'm not here to slag that.  I'm simply writing to let you know that the music business is alive and well just being shadowed by bubble gum at this time .  You just need to have patience and try your best not to press shuffle if you don't know a track.  Albums are a body of work whether it's pop, hip hop, rock or country and they're meant to be heard in full.

Without further adieu here are my picks for the best albums of 2012 (in no particular order).

Two Door Cinema Club - 'Beacon'

Their debut album entitled 'Tourist History' came out in 2010 and they instantly became one of my favourite new bands.  This new album came out in August to rave reviews across the pond.  I heard the 2 lead singles on the radio and had to have them right away.  There are 11 beauty tracks in this album and the special edition comes with a bonus live album from Brighton Academy.

Miike Snow - 'Happy To You'

This Swedish artist is phenomenal.  His latest offering is packed with some of the most feel good music around.  10 solid tracks that end with one hell of a banger called 'Paddling Out'.  Check out the video for 'The Wave' below!

Nas - 'Life Is Good'

Nas has been away for a few years but came back with vengeance in 2012.  This album boasts some mature hip hop from a man who has been a big part of the genre's growth throughout the years.  He's a father and a Don - and spits fire on this record.  Stand out tracks include 'Daughters' and my favourite - a collaboration with the late great Amy Winehouse on 'Cherry Wine'.

Ben Howard - 'Every Kingdom'

Ben Howard was shortlisted for the coveted Mercury Music Prize in the UK on this one.  Rightfully so as it's fresh and the man can write some damn powerful lyrics.  I love this album and have not been able to put it on the shelf since it landed on my desk earlier this year.  It came out in the UK late last year - but since it didn't make it out until 2012 over here I'm including it on my list.

Kendrick Lamar - 'good kid, m.A.A.d city'

This Compton kid is redefining West Coast hip hop with the help of one its founders Dr. Dre.  Kendrick Lamar's album is a must have and includes instant classics like 'Swimming Pools (Drank)', 'Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe' and my favourite 'The Recipe'.

Ed Sheeran - '+'

Gingers need to watch out for one another.  This English carrot top has released an album full of heart and soul.  I fell in love with his first single 'The A Team' and then quickly realized that he wasn't going to be a one hit wonder.  Song's like 'Drunk', 'Give Me Love' and 'Lego House' are surely poised for success once the masses get their fill of the lead track.

Frank Ocean - 'Channel Orange'

Coming out the day before your album comes out may or may not have been a part of the plan for this new album.  Who knows and who cares - as Frank's delivered a masterpiece.  Frank knocked everyone on their asses through a few live television performances including Jimmy Fallon, The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards and more recently on SNL.

The Lumineers - 'The Lumineers'

I will forever have a soft spot for this band as they played our MuchMusic Video Awards after party this year.  They opened the night and played to only a handful of people in The Horseshoe.  This was but mere weeks from them turning the heads around the world with their breakout hit 'Ho Hey'.  The song is currently being used in movie trailers, advertisements on TV and last week's episode of 'Nashville' referenced the hell out of them throughout.  The whole album is as anthemic and beautiful as this lead single.  Lots more to come from these guys.

The Weeknd - 'Trilogy'

Now these 3 mixed tapes have already garnered some serious attention in the last 2 years - but now it's mainstream.  The artist finally decided it was time to sign to a label and come out from behind the curtain.  Lead singer Abel may not totally out from behind that curtain but his album is now available in stores and online front and centre beside the likes of One Direction and Celine Dion.  It's a great thing as this Torontonian's soul belongs everywhere.  He's got the voice of an angel that gets better with each listen.

Of Monsters And Men - 'My Head Is An Animal'

I've saved the best for last.  This is by far my favourite album of the last year.  I strongly believe the band are going to win the Grammy for 'Best New Artist' in February.  I've seen them live a few times now, including once last week.  It made me happy to know that they'd sold out Toronto's Kool Haus 2 nights in a row.  I was even happier when I saw the crowd singing along to all 12 songs of this masterpiece album.  If you're going to trust me and check out only one of the albums I've suggested then please make sure it's this one.

The Shins - 'Port Of Morrow' 

This is being added in a day after I posted this - because it was a glaring omission on my part.  The list is now a top 11 of 2012 :)  Let this song below speak for itself and hopefully interest you enough to try the whole album out.

Jake Bugg - 'Jake Bugg'

I first heard Jake Bugg's name when a colleague told me about his song 'Lightening Bolt'.  I wasn't sold as I really though his voice was too twangy.  I'm still not in love with that particular track but have come to love the rest of this debut album.  To quote Noel Gallagher aka The Chief - "The future of music, he's like Bob Dylan meets the Arctic Monkeys." One can only hope that it is as that would make the future that much more exciting.  Here's a must hear track of this beauty...

What a great year.  Fingers crossed 2013 brings us great new music too.

Thanks for reading/listening.

Gregg Stewart

Friday, October 26, 2012

Toronto > NYC > London > Paris

I just got back from a trip to some of the World's greatest cities (IMHO) including New York City, London & Paris.  

It was a fantastic journey because I saw and learned so much along the way.  Lots of Museums, Cathedrals, renowned rivers, famous streets, delicious restaurants and more.  Travelling with friends and loved ones is the best way to go - and doing so with a great soundtrack makes it that much better.

Now I'm a proud Canadian and truly do love the music coming out of this country - but there's something different in the way it's a part of life in the UK.  The DJs I listen to make everything sound so exciting and once again I felt that energy while travelling.

Here are a few songs that remind me of my trip and why...

Bob Marley & The Wailers - 'Simmer Down'.  I watched the documentary 'Marley' on the plane and went through every possible emotion in the process.  This is one of the best stories of a man's life journey ever.  His life was unreal and his outlook even better.  Please check this one out if you have a chance.  Bob moved to London and lived in Chelsea shortly after he had been shot in Jamaica. He played soccer in Battersea Park on a weekly basis.  

Bat For Lashes - 'All Your Gold'.  This album has just come out and so London is wrapped in subway ads for this one.  We stayed off the high street in Kensington for a few nights and walked past EMI's offices each day to get to the tube.  The album cover is also displayed in their front window.  I for one am excited and can't wait to get my hands on this album. Both the track and video are amazing.

The Stone Roses - 'I Wanna Be Adored'. Flying on British Airways has its perks including someone awesome programming their 'Essential Music Collection' on the in-flight entertainment. The Stone Roses self-titled album was one of 10 'Essential Listens' and I couldn't agree more.

Pink Floyd - 'Pigs'.  Last Saturday morning I joined my girlfriend on a long run through London town as she's in the midst of training for The New York City Marathon.  Luckily it was one of her shorter long runs and she even cut it a bit shorter for me.  On this run along the Thames we passed numerous landmarks including Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace and London Eye to name a few.  The highlight for me was running past the old Battersea power-plant near Chelsea as it was such an iconic image from the 1977 Pink Floyd Album 'Animals'.

Jake Bugg - 'Seen It All'.  One of my colleagues told me this kid ages ago and I wasn't sold on the first single 'Lightening Bolt'.  His voice was too twangy for my liking.  I saw his poster all over both London and Paris so decided to give it another chance.  This track is amazing and it excites me to all ends knowing that a young artist has this much soul + depth.  It doesn't hurt that he's currently on a Canadian tour with Noel Gallagher and Snow Patrol at this time.

Peter Bjorn & John - 'Young Folks'.  The main reason for this trip was to attend a wedding just outside London.  The wedding itself was beautiful and packed with some amazing people looking to have a blast.  The bride and groom are crazed music fans and so the wedding was chalk full of magical music moments.  From a violin & cello performance of Foo Fighters - 'Everlong' to a live band playing hits from all eras and a great DJ set to keep the dance floor packed.  This track was  amongst some beauties that night.

I love the UK as there's something electric in the air.  They live and breathe music and you hear it at every turn when you're there.  A small dose of Britain always goes along way reminding me how important music is in our lives.  

Thanks for reading/listening,


Thursday, September 20, 2012

6 Tunes for the Weekend

I went to a bunch of shows recently and have listened to a boat load of new music as well.

Last week was a rock n roll week for me as it feature shows by City and Colour, Kiss, Motley Crue, Yukon Blonde, The Sheepdogs and Ed Sheeran to name a few.  This week ends with Las Vegas' finest, The Killers, as they hit The Sound Academy for a down played show.  I'm sad I missed Kendrick Lemar at The Sound Academy last night as Drake apparently made a guest appearance.  I did catch him on TV though and he's awesome.  It may be getting darker earlier these days but it isn't stopping the great music coming out at this time.

I also got to catch a few of the shows our team works on each day including The Wedge, RapCity, New.Music.Live. and MTV Live.  They're forever introducing me to new music and I hope that never stops.

Here's a few recommendations for the weekend...

Grimes - 'Genesis'
The XX - 'Angels'
Twin Shadow - '5 Seconds'
Kendrick Lamar - 'The Recipe'
Two Door Cinema Club - 'Sun'
Diamond Rings - 'I'm Just Me'

I love this job. 

Thanks for reading/listening.


Monday, September 10, 2012


When I was a kid both my Dad and my Uncle were in a pipe band.  My dad played the snare drum (sometimes bass) and my Uncle Gerry played the bagpipes.  Very Scottish indeed.

We used to spend summers going to Highland games across Ontario - and one weekend each year we'd head to a place called Phelps in New York State.  It was a festival which entailed bagpipe bands as part of a parade through the town to a fair grounds.  We used to camp with all the other pipe band families.  At night all the pipe band members would go to the local legion and hang out with the war veterans, marines and soldiers of all classes.  They all bonded while country music acted as the backdrop to their late nights.

It was strange to see all these Scotsman wearing cowboy hats while in kilts, drinking bud and sharing stories of their lives.  It was actually perfect - and I loved going there each summer.  It's where I first learned of country music.

I digress...

I watched the Canadian Country Music Awards this past weekend on CBC.  It was great.  It was amazing to see how much these folk care for their art and one another.  They're a community first before anything else and hold each other in such high regard.  They're in it for the right reasons and that's for the music itself.

I had the pleasure of working on a few great country albums over the years and it taught me a bit about the culture.  It's deep routed and welcomes you with arms wide open.

Here's a few great country tracks I have fallen in love with over the years and the reasons why.

Glen Campbell - 'Rhinestone Cowboy'.  My Dad played the heck out of this record when we were young.  Fond memories come flooding back with each listen.  George Canyon did his version of it on the CCMAs last night.

Tift Merritt - 'Virginia, No One Can Warn You'.  An artist I got to work with while at Universal Music.  I fell in love with her album entitled 'Bramble Rose'.  Worth a listen.

Julie Roberts - 'Break Down Here'.  This needs no introduction.  Pretty sure you'll see why she's awesome if you clicked.  Country music has heart and some of the most beautiful women.

Paul Brandt - 'Leavin'.  When I saw Paul's performance on the CCMAs I instantly remembered this track and added it to my running play list.  What a tune.

George Canyon - 'My Name'.  It's a beautiful song written from the perspective of an unborn child that is miscarried.  This gentle giant is a great Canadian.

John Denver - 'Take Me Home Country Roads'.  Remember when John was on The Muppet Show?  Best. Show. Ever.

Blue Rodeo - 'Bad Timing'.  One of this countries finest exports.  This band is a gateway to country -and what a great way to get introduced.

I'm sure that this is a strange list as there are so many great country songs out there - but these are special to me.  This genre may not be the first thing I reach for in a play list - but I respect it and can appreciate it.

Thanks for reading/listening.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recommended Listening

I'm not in school these days - but September still feels like a chance to turn over a new leaf to me.

I started making a few new play-lists this week and after just a few listens I'm already excited for what's happening in music at the moment.  New music equates to a fresh start for me - and I hope that it does for you too.

This is a quick list of songs I'd like to recommend that you give a listen to this weekend.  

Check them out!

Of Monsters and Men - 'Dirty Paws'.  I'm not sure if this is even a single for this album - but it should be as it's simply a fantastic track.
Two Door Cinema Club - 'Sun'.  I heard this song for the first time yesterday.  It was instantly my favourite new track and I have played it at least 25 times since.  The new record also has one of the best album covers in years.
Bloc Party - 'Octopus'.  I'm going to see this band early next week.  They have always rocked and this track solidifies them as one of the finest rock bands around.
Jesse Ware - 'Wildest Moment'.  This lady really does have the voice of an angel.  I love this track and a few others that I've heard from her.
The Black Keys - 'Hell of a Season'.  This album surprises me more and more with each listen.  Right now it's this track.
Alanis Morissette - 'Guardian'.  She's back.  this is the best song I've heard from her in years.  Don't ever forget how big this lady was.
Data Rock - 'California'.  You may have heard this track a whole bunch recently as it's being used in a Virgin Mobile ad.  It's a great track and these guys are one of the best live acts that I have ever seen. 
Taylor Swift - 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'.  I won't even call this a guilty pleasure.  This song is a monster track and a perfect pop song.  

Thanks for reading/listening.

Gregg Stewart

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band | Toronto 2012

It's taken me a few days to process - but Friday night's Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band concert in Toronto was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced.  I had a smile on my face for almost 4 hours straight.

When I was in grade 2 my teacher, Mrs. McGowan, dressed up as 'The Boss' for Halloween.  She was Bruce on the cover of the 'Born In The USA' album cover and it was amazing.  My brother had that cassette and it never left the deck of his ghetto blaster that whole year.

I listened to the full 'Born In The USA' album a few times on a flight to Denver this past January.  It was perfect and instantly took me back to those days in 1984.  I could remember the wood stained wallpaper in my brother's bedroom along with all 26 NHL hockey pennants he had on the walls.  Music can truly act as a time machine in a way that nothing else can.

Friday's show at The Rogers Centre was beautiful. Bruce Springsteen is now 62 years of age and not showing any sign he's giving up.  He walked on that stage at 8pm and gave 150% for almost 4 hours straight.  His set list included 29 songs ranging from all decades and styles throughout his career.  Oh yeah and The E Street Band might very well be the finest band on the planet.

I was almost in tears (joy & sorrow) when he gave this speech at the 50 second mark of 'My City of Ruins'.  Keep in mind that this was simply the 7th song into the evening.  These guys gave more in the opening songs than most bands do in a 2nd encore.  This was a truly religious experience if I've ever seen one.

Here are a few links that will give you a better sense of how this evening went down...

'Waiting On A Sunny Day'  (little girl comes and sings the chorus with him)
'Working On A Highway' (Opener)
'Thunder Road / Born to Run / Rosalita / Dancing In The Dark"

Here's a couple classic Bruce Springsteen tracks I'll never grow tired of...
'Because The Night' (1978)
'Hungry Heart' (1984)
'My Hometown' (1984)
'Tunnel of Love' (1987)
'Murder Incorporated' (1995)
'Radio Nowhere' (2007)
'Death To My Hometown' (2012)

The catalogue is deep and it's time for me to dive in a little deeper.

If you have the chance to see this man live the rest assured he won't disappoint.  Bruce Springsteen truly is the hardest working man in showbiz.  Period.

Thank you for reading/listening.

Gregg Stewart

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Doctor

As the world continues to hold its breath for Dr. Dre's 'Detox' album - it's nice to hear the Doctor's voice again.  He may have stepped out of the spotlight since his last album, 13 years ago, but he's managed to keep busy with some of pop cultures biggest trends.  From Beats by Dre headphones to a few singles poised to be on the fabled 'Detox' he's still the master of creating beats in hip hop.  He's a relevant legend as he approaches 50 years of age.

From his early days in The World Class Wreckin' Cru to N.W.A to a solo career and producer - it's safe to say he's shaped Hip Hop over the past 30 years.

I write about Dre today as I am currently enthralled with his latest signing to Aftermath Records.  The kid's from Compton, his name is Kendrick Lamar and he is the real deal.  His writing, flow and style are what sets him apart from the rest at this time. Check out this Dre produced track.

During my first week working at Universal Music I was asked to help set-up a press conference for 'The Up In Smoke Tour'.  The tour was comprised of Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Warren G. and newcomer at the time Eminem.  It was by far the greatest concert I've ever been to in my life.  If you have 2 hours to spare I recommend you watch it here.

I worked in the press department at that time and so the idea of a press conference was to get the artists in one room and do all interviews at the once.  It was also to alleviate some of the pressure from Eminem as the press were up in arms about his lyrical content on 'The Marshall Mathers LP' that day. 

When the press conference started it was only Dr. Dre and Eminem there to answer questions.  The others were held up at the border all morning.  As suspected once we opened questions to the floor it was all about Eminem and the controversy surrounding him.  Then in a turn of events George Stroumboulopoulos, of MuchMusic at the time, put his hand up and point blank asking Dre about his current relationship with Suge Knight.  That was a very touchy subject at that time and Eminem told George to get the fuck out of there.  I think it was Master T. that ended up doing the interviews thereafter.  It was fucking amazing.  That an introduction to the music business and a big reason as to why I decided to keep going.

The single best part of that day was watching soundcheck though.  Seeing Dr. Dre walk around the Molson Amphitheatre with his platinum mic checking sound from every corner of the stadium was surreal.  His attention to detail showed me exactly why he was the best in the business.  Well that and seeing Warren G. with a fishing rod in Lake Ontario while smoking a Philly.  I digress.

Dr. Dre's been a part of some of the biggest tracks in Hip Hop history and here are but a mere 10 of them...

Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg - 'Nuthin' But A G Thang'

Kendrick Lamar featuring Dr. Dre - 'The Recipe'

Black Street featuring Dr. Dre - 'No Diggity'

Dr. Dre featuring Akon and Snoop Dogg - 'Kush'

Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg - 'The Next Episode'

50 Cent - 'In Da Club'

N.W.A. - 'Straight Outta Compton'

The Game featuring 5O Cent - 'Hate It Or Love It'

Easy E - 'Boyz N The Hood'

Eminem featuring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg - 'Bitch Please II'

I'm am excited to see what the next chapter of Dr. Dre's life brings us.  Bring on 'The Detox' please - it's time.

Thanks for reading/listening.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

6 New Song Recommendations + 1 Classic

It's not that often a week goes by without the discovery of an amazing new song.  Most weeks there are at least 1 stand-out track that I become addicted to and can't live without. 

This week was an exceptional week in that I heard about 6 that I can't get enough of and had to share with you.  4 of them where all from one radio show by Zane Lowe's radio show on BBC Radio 1.  Zane is the finest DJ in the world as he makes everything so exciting.  Give this link a listen and hear for yourself.

Here are the 6 tunes I think you should listen to this week.  Enjoy!

Band Of Horses - 'Knock Knock'
Ellie Goulding featuring Tinie Tempah - 'Holding On'
The Killers - 'Runaway'
Nas Featuring Amy Winehouse - 'Cherry Wine' *This is fan-fuckin-tastic!!
The Rolling Stones - 'Beast of Burden' *Today marks the band's 50th Anniversary 
Check out these archives if you like The Stones

Thanks for reading/listening.


Friday, July 6, 2012

T in the Park

T in the Park takes place this weekend in Balados, Scotland.  It's the finest festival in the UK and boasts the biggest rock stars from around the world.  The line-ups are always so insane that it makes me super jealous that it's so far away.

This year's festival will see the likes of Kasabian, Snow Patrol, Miike Snow, New Order, Noel Gallagher, The Stone Roses, Florence + the Machine, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Emeli Sande, Ben Howard, Two Door Cinema Club and many more.

I had the pleasure of going to T in the Park back in 2005 for work.  It meant 5 wonderful days in Scotland - and believe it or not it never rained once.  I was there to escort a camera crew + contest winners and so we did not camp thank God.  We stayed in Glasgow and drove to Balados each day - which was an hour away. 

We made a mistake in our vehicle rental and ended up with a Mercedes tour bus.  Not a bad mistake at the end of the day. This was a 16 seater with tinted windows and a stocked bar.  It was a great way to travel and even better when we got to the site. Security just figured we were in a band, based on the sweet ride, and sent us passed the traffic into the back staging area.

In 2005 the line-up was insane (IMHO) and included headliners Green Day, Prodigy, The Killers, Travis, Foo Fighters, New Order, Kasabian, The Streets and James Brown.  I went for a wander backstage and saw Brandon Flowers playing mini putt, Fran Healy and the rest of Travis drinking a few cans of Tenants lager while Peter Hook (New Order Bassist) sat on a picnic bench playing his bass for a few beautiful girls.  It was this amazing 'heaven like scene' of my favourite rock stars hanging and having fun. 

My single strangest moment was running into the now ex-bass player of Snow Patrol Mark - seen here.  I had met him a few times when the band had started coming to North America to promote their 3rd album.  He had been there since the start of the band - but was recently tossed out for creative differences.  Well I met him in the beer tent and he was on fire about how the band chucked him out and had some harsh words for the guys.  It really put it into perspective that these so called 'rock stars' really just are dudes in a band.  They too have differences and not all is happy and fun when you're touring the world playing music.  They just happen to be lucky enough to have had the chance.

I loved my experience at T in the Park and would highly recommend it to anyone.  Music festivals are some of the most amazing things a person can experience.  It's a chance to see some of your favourites and be introduced to great new music at the same time.  The atmosphere is always friendly and energetic.  It helps that most are drinking and perhaps dabbling in enhancements - but regardless of what you on you're outside amongst music lovers for the day.

The festival itself is televised live across The UK and takes over the nation each year.

Here are a few clips I found from this amazing festival...

Snow Patrol
Biffy Clyro
James Brown
New Order w/ Brandon Flowers
Here's to Osheaga - which happens to be Canada's answer to the amazing European music festivals.  See you there. Thanks for reading/listening,