Thursday, July 10, 2014

Something for the Weekend

I'm not sure where the time goes, especially in the summer, but I've not had a second to blog of late and I really missed it.  I will NEVER claim to be a writer - but I find blogging about music to be therapeutic and down right fun.  

It's been a minute so I figured I'd keep it simple and recommend a few new tracks that I'm in love with right now.

First up is by the wonderful Jesse Ware.  This is song's from a forthcoming sophomore album and it's down right gorgeous.  Jesse Ware has the voice of an angel and her past album gave me goosebumps with each listen.

Jesse Ware - 'Tough Love'

Mr. Roberts and his band can do no wrong in my books.  They've created their finest record yet with this groove filled banger.  The album's produced by the same guy that did The Verve's 'Urban Hymns' and it sounds fantastic like a continuation to that perfect recording.  There's many great tracks on this album - but this one's my favourite at the moment.

Sam Roberts Band - 'Too Far'

Drake's the king and I don't care if you disagree.  He's proved himself time and time again while amassing a monster catalogue in a very few short time.

This track has scents of Kendrick Lamar's 'Swimming Pools' laced with stunning - yet haunting - bits of James Blake and Drake's own signature flow. 

The man and his crew don't stop and that's fine by me as long as they keep releasing tunes as good as this.

Drake - '0-100'

Speaking of Drake - here's the first video from his boys Majid Jordan who are set to make waves on July 22nd with the release of their debut EP.

This song makes me want to do very bad things and and rage until the sun comes up.  The video enhances that urge even more. 

I'm also proud to say that the video is partially funded by MuchFACT 

Majid Jordan - 'A Place Like This'

I've been saying that Sam Smith will take over the world for the last 6 months or so and it's finally happening.  I've had the pleasure of seeing him live twice now and he's the realest of the real in the vocal department.  He's poised to become the male Adele and I can't wait to tell you that I told you so.

His EP was phenomenal and so where his collaborations with Disclosure and Naughty Boy this past year.  His debut full length has just come out and is picture perfect.

I can't get enough and this is my favourite track (at the moment) from his album entitled 'In The Lonely Hour'.  Here's a link to Sam performing it live so you can see what I'm talking about.

Sam Smith - 'I've Told You Now'

What can you say about Arcade Fire that hasn't already been said?  They truly deserve every award and accolade they've been given because they're that fucking good.

This new album reminds me of Radiohead's 'OK Computer' - not musically - but monumentally as it's a game changer on some many sonic levels. 

This particular track takes you back to the great new wave era of the 80s while kicking you in the head to remind you that there are 7 of the best musicians on this planet making this noise.  

Arcade Fire - 'We Exist' 

Thanks for reading / listening.