Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ginger. Rusty. Red. Carrot Top. Big Red. Ed Sheeran.

If you have red hair (it's actually orange) then you've likely been called one, if not all, of the above mentioned nick names at some point in your life.  Perhaps in an endearing way from friends and family or in a down right cruel way by some ignorant prick.  I digress.  

M.I.A. didn't help matters in 2010 when she released a video for the song 'Born Free' depicting police and army types going on the hunt to rid the World of my fellow pale skinned amber heads. 

National Geographic published an article back in 2007 saying that red haired people are set for extinction within the next 100 years.  It also spoke of the fact that less than 2 percent of the World's population have this as a natural colour.  Here are some other interesting facts about gingers from your favourite list makers Buzzfeed '11 Redhead Facts Everyone Should Know'.

Ed Sheeran is probably the World's most famous ginger at this time and with good reason.  He's one talent young man that keeps creating hit after hit.  At the ripe age of 23 this lad from Yorkshire, England has reintroduced the youth of the world to something called the singer songwriter.  It was something that had been missing from their vocabulary and was much needed on the heels of auto-tuned era featuring many choreographed groups.

Ed's not only a solo artist - he's penned, composed and collaborated on songs for some of the most popular acts in the World today including One Direction, Taylor Swift and more.  He's respected by pretty much everyone in music including the hip-hop side because he's a pretty decent rapper too.  

I've had the pleasure of meeting him on a few occasions over the past couple of years.  The first time was when he came to play the 2012 Much Music Video Awards seen here.  I met him in his makeshift dressing room around rehearsals at which time he was literally building a Lego castle.  He gave it to me to give away on Much's social media sites.

The second time was when he returned on that same album and performed on the 2013 Much Music Video Awards seen here.  The 3rd time was when he came back this past summer in support of his second album to perform at the 2014 MMVAs seen here.  He even stopped by our after party to hang out until the wee hours.  He's a true gentleman and remains very humble from my experience meeting him.

I write about Ed today because I recently dove deep into his new album and it's fucking amazing.  The kid has it all.  He's got soul, style and is writing some of the most popular songs in music today.  I am guessing that there's lots more to come too.  The ginger jesus - as his fans called him - also makes some of the most interesting music videos around.

Here's a few of my favourite songs by Ed Sheeran's or in collaboration with others...

Ed Sheeran - 'Thinking Out Loud'

Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran - 'Everything Has Changed'

Ed Sheeran - 'Afire Love'

Ed Sheeran - 'Lego House'

Ed Sheeran - 'Stay With Me' (Sam Smith cover)

Sam Smith w/ Ed Sheeran - 'Stay With Me' (Live)

Not bad for a ginger eh? 

Thanks for reading/listening.