Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Billy Talent + The Olympics

Hello Friends,

Up here in the Great White North it's been all Olympics all the time. It's been a long time coming but the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have truly taken over this fair land.

British Columbia is truly the most amazing place I've ever been (I've only covered 4% of the earth according to FB) and the top of Whistler is what I imagine the Moon to be like - when you're coming off that final chairlift at 7:30 am.

I spent some time out that way a few years back and always brought my running shoes to see more of it. Stanley park's seawall is something one must see first hand with headphones and good tunes. I heard MGMT's 'Time to Pretend' for the first time on this route. I digress.

The Olympics has it all including music galore. Muchmusic has been covering a concert series put on each night starting at 11 pm et live from both Whistler and Vancouver proper. The bands have varied in age, genre and relevance. None-the-less it's music, it's live and it's on Muchmusic.

Tonight's blog is inspired by one of Canada's finest as they are on stage right now in Vancouver to celebrate. I am talking about none-other-than Billy Talent. The boys are pure energy and rock n roll. They encompass Canadiana and know how lucky they are to be where they are. I am very proud watching this band and will forever hold a place in my heart for their music.

If you missed it - then you may not remember all the hits that this band have created over the years. Well that's what I'm here for - to remind you of a few...

  1. Try Honesty

  2. Surrender

  3. Nothing to Lose

  4. Red Flag

  5. Fallin Leaves *Live at Rock AM Ring

Another beauty from this concert series was that of The Stereophonics. The band played live on Saturday night and killed it. They covered the span of their career in their set and it was magical. They also paid homage to The Tragically Hip with some riffs to 'New Orleans is Sinking'. These boys from Wales knew they were in the land of their idols The Tragically Hip and I hope people caught that.

Hats off to Billy Talent and the Olympics for bringing some great music to Canada in this monumental time.

Thanks for reading.


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