Monday, June 14, 2010

Holy Shit Have You Heard These?

Hello Friends,

I've been all over the map of late in terms of what I've been listening to. It started with shuffle last week when it decided to serve me up some classic Tragically Hip in the form of the 'Up To Here' album. I then decided to give Gord Downie's new album a full listen and I'm glad I did as it's beautiful.

As the week came to a close I found myself listening to lots of great NEW music. From new Chemical Brothers, Ladies of the Canyon, Sleigh Bells and my personal new favourite (I know it's not brand new) Two Door Cinema Club. It keeps coming - the world must be a mess - as history shows music is always at it's best when there's stuff like war and conflict happening. Maybe we've just turned a corner as humans. Whatever it is - keep it coming. I digress...

I'd love for you to check out a quick 5 suggestions when you can. I promise they will make you smile.
Thanks for reading/listening.


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