Thursday, July 12, 2012

6 New Song Recommendations + 1 Classic

It's not that often a week goes by without the discovery of an amazing new song.  Most weeks there are at least 1 stand-out track that I become addicted to and can't live without. 

This week was an exceptional week in that I heard about 6 that I can't get enough of and had to share with you.  4 of them where all from one radio show by Zane Lowe's radio show on BBC Radio 1.  Zane is the finest DJ in the world as he makes everything so exciting.  Give this link a listen and hear for yourself.

Here are the 6 tunes I think you should listen to this week.  Enjoy!

Band Of Horses - 'Knock Knock'
Ellie Goulding featuring Tinie Tempah - 'Holding On'
The Killers - 'Runaway'
Nas Featuring Amy Winehouse - 'Cherry Wine' *This is fan-fuckin-tastic!!
The Rolling Stones - 'Beast of Burden' *Today marks the band's 50th Anniversary 
Check out these archives if you like The Stones

Thanks for reading/listening.


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