Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Dad

On Tuesday, September 29th at 7:15am I watched my wife give birth to our daughter who we named Lyla Grace Stewart. To say it was the greatest moment of my life is an understatement. I felt like a King that day walking on a cloud with a grin from ear to ear.

In the months that followed I've found myself being nostalgic and sentimental about lots of things. I've been reflecting on my own childhood and the different things that made it so great.

Many of my fond memories come from the music playing around the house growing up. Be it Christmas time when my Mom would bust out Anne Murray albums to my Dad spinning some Jim Croce, John Denver,  and  or even Friday night theme songs from shows like M.A.S.H., Hill Street Blues or The mighty Muppet Show. There was, and still is, always music playing at 793 Millbank Road in Pickering.

Although my daughter's only 10 weeks old - I'm already trying to introduce her to music. Music that reminds me of being a kid, catchy pop anthems from artists like Queen, The Beach Boys and of course The Beatles.

I look forward to a lifetime when I'm playing new music for Lyla and learning about new music from her.  I long for the day when we can go to outdoor concerts together and talk music over meals and a day when we can reflect on her childhood.

Here are some songs that remind me of being a kid called - New Dad Playlist

A house with music playing will always be a happy home to me.

Thanks for reading/listening.


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