Friday, June 23, 2017

The Top 150 Canadian Songs of all Time List (IMHO)

Hi Friends,

Music's always going to be a subjective topic of conversation - and for me that's totally fine.

In many of my day-to-day roles I work closely with different teams to help determine lists.  List, countdowns and groupings of songs, artists, genres, eras, albums and mostly music videos.  We approach them through a democratic process and allow time for conversation and debate across the board.  Having an open mind about music, be it new or old, is vital to folk who work in music.  We sometimes forget that simple rule and become jaded - that's simply unacceptable in my books.

If music's causing debate then I'm all for it.

As we approach Canada's 150th birthday, next week, we'll all likely come across a plethora of "Top Canadian" music lists. Most likely top 150 lists at that.  Since I love a good list I've taken the liberty to my very own list to the pile.  

Here's what I consider the finest 150 Canadian songs ever recorded in the form of a Spotify playlist for you to enjoy.  

I've also realized that I really like melancholy songs while compiling this list.

  • Here's my playlist - Enjoy!  

Let the comments begin :)

Have a wonderful Canada Day long weekend!


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