Monday, October 26, 2009

90's music

Hello Friends,

New music is something I have the luxury of working with each week as part of my job. It's amazing to me that this actually happens :)

I was at my older brother's place this past weekend for a birthday party. While I was there I noticed his CD collection in boxes. He's been going through them one at a time uploading them to the computer. It's a long daunting task - but necessary to do. Once complete - the CDs will act as art and art alone :(

I went through them for ages and grabbed about 20 discs that I didn't have - so I too could add them to my collection too.

I spent Sunday listening to them whilst uploading and wow it was an eye opener. The CDs I borrowed are from the 90s and majority of it sounded so dated.

Crazy how there's a distinct sound to an era. I don't mean something that brings you back to a time or period in your life either. I actually mean - the music sounds very early 90s. The crazy thing is that only certain bands/artists are able to transend time. I mean - listen to The Beatles, The Stone Roses, Joy Division, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin or U2. They all stand-up today and don't miss a beat if you heard them in a bar or club today.

The 90s was a very strange time for music. In Canada in particular (this is all I know;).

This was the time of Grunge and Boy Bands, and East Coast vs. West Coast hip-hop. It was a transition decade much like the Toronto Maple Leafs is going through now. People defined themselves by the music they listened to unlike anything before or anything that came after. Today you are more open to being eclectic...and it's wonderful.

Here are 5 stand-out tracks I listened to today while sifting through the CDs...

1. Meat Puppets - Backwater
2. The Cult - Heart of Soul
3. The LAs - There She Goes
4. Liz Phair - Supernova
5. Blur - There's No Other Way

Blur was the only one that didn't sounded dated in this list 

Thanks for reading.


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