Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello friends,

I saw a facebook posting from a friend the other day about their favourite song/track of 2009. Pretty bold, if you ask me, as it's only midway through October. Regardless - she got me thinking about the year 2009 (thanks Stacey) and god damn have there been some monster jams released.

It's fine because this is just a bloig anyway - but a dangerous thing to do if it were a print publication. Anyone that has ever worked in this industry knows that the record labels have some seriously big names dropping albums around the end of the year (last quarter of fiscals) to make sure that they make the year on paper. There also seems to be lots of 'Greatest Hits' 'Collections' 'Box Sets' and even 'Unreleased' albums put out at this time...with the same goal in mind (making the year financially).

I digress...

The year 2009 has seen some great music come out on all levels. This is tough as last year was one of the most amazing years for anyone like myself whom eats sleeps and breathes British Pop. I mean Oasis released their last studio record.

Special mentions go out to the following for making me smile...

  • Passion Pit

  • Phoenix

  • Drake

  • Muse

  • White Lies

  • Jack Penate

  • Eminem

  • Kasabian

  • U2

Still lots of 2009 left - so this will be revised come new year's day!

Thanks for reading.


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