Saturday, May 8, 2010

This is the sound of my soul, this is the sound...

Hello Friends,

Above are some classic lyrics from a song recorded almost 30 years ago. 27 to be exact. It's the 80's hit 'True' by Spandau Ballet . A powerful track indeed and stands-up to anything today. I hadn't heard this song in ages until watching the final season to the British series Skins. One of the characters plays it for a girl on a ukulele and it's a beauty scene. I also really liked P.M. Dawn's sampling of it on the 1991 R&B hit 'Set A Drift on Memory Bliss' . I digress...

Skins is simply the most amazingly accurate look at a teens life growing up in the UK. It's not all that different from teens growing up anywhere in the world actually. I personally fell in love with this show about a year and a half ago and watched it religiously for a few weeks to get through the first 2 seasons. The main thing for me was the music that was selected throughout.

It's unlike anything you would expect making it all stand-out ten folds. In the first episode they actually used some Lisa Stansfield . The 3rd episode had Gwen McCrae's 'Ninety Percent of Me is You' which blew my mind as this is such a killer track. The 4th episode used Gossip's 'Standing in the Way of Control' as seen here in the amazing trailer for the series.

Here's a quick look at some of the music that was used throughout the 4 seasons.

  • Starship - 'We Built This City' season 1 episode 9
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 'Spread Your Life' season 2 episode 2
  • Sigur Ros - 'Untitled' season 2 episode 3
  • Ben Harper - 'Steal My Kisses' season 2 episode 5
  • Depeche Mode - 'I Feel You' season 2 episode 6
  • Althea and Donna - 'Uptown Ranking' season 2 episode 8
  • Adele - 'Hometown Glory' season 2 episode 9
  • MGMT - 'Time to Pretend' season 2 episode 10
  • Dr. Dre - 'Next Episode' season 3 episode 4
  • The Clash - 'Bankrobber' season 3 episode 5
  • The Velevet Underground - 'Sweet Jane' and Bon Iver's - 'Flume' season 3 episode 7
  • Glasvegas - 'It's My Own Heart That Makes Me Cry' season 3 episode 9
  • Mumford and Sons - 'The Cave' season 4 episode 1
  • Temper Trap - 'Sweet Disposition' season 4 episode 2
  • The Drums - 'Lets Go Surfing' season 4 episode 3
  • Band of Skulls - 'Honest' season 4 episode 5
  • Phil Collins - 'Easy Lover' season 4 episode 7 *why do all psychos listen to Phil?
  • Kylie Minogue - 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' season 4 final episode *killer scene:)

I urge you to check out this series if you have a chance. Skins production and music teams have raised the bar as to how music can and should be used in television and film. Many bands have this series to thanks for their success and I am certain that many more will break onto the scene because of it.

Thanks for reading/listening.


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