Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Beginner's Guide to Keane

Hello Friends,

I had the pleasure of seeing Keane in concert last night at The Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. They were here as part of a festival called 'Disco Lemonade' and were the headliners of the night. I'd seen Keane a handful of times before including once on the main stage at T in the Park, Scotland's answer to Glastonbury, but this was them at their finest.

Last night was the best performance I'd seen from them as they owned that crowd. The sad thing was that the Amphitheatre was 1/2 empty. Perhaps a smaller venue would have made sense - but regardless Tom Chaplin gave it everything and performed like it was the main stage of Glastonbury.

They really are a great band and have amazing story. Keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley, for example, was asked to join a little band named Coldplay but declined as he didn't want to leave his band The Lotus Eaters (now Keane). Lead singer Tom Chaplin battled a cocaine addiction and went public about this in 2006 before entering a rehab clinic. The band were forced to cancel their North American tour at the time.

My favourite story is from their DVD 'Strangers'. The band spoke of the early days as they performed alongside Coldplay in a local pub. A relative was video taping this and recorded over the Coldplay performance to make sure there was enough space on the tape for Keane. #fail

Without further ado - here's a few must hear Keane tracks to get you started.

Thanks for reading/listening.

Gregg Stewart

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