Monday, July 19, 2010

Stop for a minute. Take a minute. Wave that flag.

Hello Friends,

February 24th 2009 saw the release of one of Canada's most important albums ever released - K'naan's amazing 'Troubadour'. I enjoyed the first single as it sampled + featured a familiar voice from 90's hip hop star Chubb Rock. It was great but I'm not sure anyone had an idea of the impact this album would have in the year and a half to would follow.
It was far greater than an excellent sample and collaboration. It is beautiful, impactful and important.

Somalian born and raise and then to NYC and Toronto for his teen years this man was on a path and journey from day 1. K'naan is a true musician that will indeed stand the test of time. That's the beauty of true musicians - their music is timeless. I can guarantee you will agree once you simply click the links below and give him a listen.
K'naan deserves the world and the world deserves K'naan. It was a magical year for him as he travelled the globe performing the World Cup's official song 'Wavin' Flag' - but lets not forget that back in February of this year he got Canada's finest together to raise money for a broken Haiti. He really is a Troubadour that needs to be heard. Buy this one.

Thanks for reading/listening,

Gregg Stewart

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