Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pickering's Got Talent

Hello Friends,

I grew up in the burbs in a town called Pickering just outside Toronto. It's now a city, based on population, but still has the feel of a town in that the people all know one another and there's a sense of community. It's been ages since I lived there - but I still get that sense when I visit.

I had a conversation about this very town the other day. Growing up I had always heard a few rumours of some famous people coming from Pickering at one time or another - but back then it all seemed like they were just rumours. Rumours like former New York Islander's Captain Mike Bossy, rocker Neil Young and white rapper Snow were the big standouts. Lukily today we have Wikipedia to find this stuff out allowing us to confirm and be proud of where we come from.

It seems that the town with a Nuclear Powerplant has indeed given the World some amazing musicians over the years. Here's a list of the one's I've dug up...
I'm sure there's many more with some ties to Pickering and that there will be future stars as well. Maybe there's something in the water...something to do with that powerplant perhaps??

Sadly in doing this research I've come to learn that the great Mike Bossy isn't from Pickering after all but the tough guy hockey player Sean Avery is.

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