Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Top 100 Music Videos of All Time

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The Greatest Songs of all time vs. Greatest Videos of all time vs. Great Videos that defined an era. This list is about the almighty VIDEO and so it takes lots of conversations and screenings to narrow down a list. To narrow down to 100 is and even taller order.

I have the privlege of being able to do stuff like this regularly for work and love it. I don't take it lightly and nor do the people I work with throughout this process. It's indeed a process and took many hours of our team's time behind closed doors to come up with our final list.

The idea was to come up with Top 100 Music Videos of all time list. It started in my calendar as a 1 hour boardroom meeting in which we'd all come with a list and try to come to an agreement on how it would play out. 1 month, 5 boardrooms, 23 hours, many late night emails and at least 1,250 youtube videos later - we are complete. I for one am extremely happy with the outcome and welcome the feedback once it's unleashed.

Music is one of those things that people have such strong opinions about. I find myself and team forever getting into heated arguments about what's cool, relevant and worthy. It's truly special and so that's why this experience has been so amazing to me.

The toughest thing about compiling these lists is that you have to actually focus on the word VIDEO. There's been many great #1 songs and defining moments throughout music history - but lets face it - Bruce Springsteen, Oasis, ABBA, The Bee Gees, The Beatles, Bob Marley and many others never really created videos that could stand the test of time. This list is about amazing music videos that blow your mind.

I'm not going to disclose this list as you'll need to tune in on Christmas morning from 9am - 2pm to see the results. I can promise you there'll be beauties for everyone and that there was some serious blood sweat and tears put into it.

My hats off to the whole team that had input throughout this process - you taught me so much and I'm more in love with what we do than ever before.

Here's a few videos that I recommend you check out that may - or may have not made the list.
Watch MuchMore Music's 'Holiday Wrap' starting December 20th at 4ET. Let the complaints, and feedback begin:)

Thanks for reading/listening.

Gregg Stewart

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