Monday, November 22, 2010

3 Beauties

Hello Friends,

I've recently come to realize that there's never a dull moment in music. There's no such thing as a bad time for music you simply need to listen more and listen in more places to keep it exciting. Scenes come and go - but it does not mean that there isn’t great music out there waiting for you. This past week threw me some hidden gems that I’m blown away by and thought I should share with you.
Here's a quick list of 3 tracks I would like to recommend you check out:

This song satisfies me. It has everything I want in a song for my journey to work each day. It’s big and atmospheric enough to make any subway journey fun. The band have always held a place in my heart and this may well be some of their best work yet.

I grew up in the suburbs and this video gave me some serious flash backs when I first watched it last week. From cookie cutter homes to ghost riding my bike – it’s perfect. Spike Jonze has done it again – what a great video to go along with an incredible track from an amazing album.

I’ve heard jDiggz name a million times in my years working music – but until now I am not sure I could have picked him out of a line-up. He’s got presence and reminds me of a young Jay Z in this video. His flows and moves are slick and natural. This combo, on paper, doesn’t appeal to me – but it works and is one of my favourite songs and videos of the year thus far. The Scarborough Bluffs have never looked so good.

Good music is good music.



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