Thursday, July 7, 2011

and the Grammy for album of the year goes to...

Hello Friends,

It's only July and I think that it's safe to say that Beyonce has just released the album of the year. Not only is she fierce (Sasha Fierce) she's angelic and simply the most powerful woman in the game. Kanye may have to do this again if Beyonce doesn't get the Grammy next February.

Like everyone - I saw the video for 'Run The World (Girls)' and knew it was again Beyonce's turn to shine. She comes in hard on each new album and gets even more gorgeous with age. She's stunning and for that Jay Z wins:)

A colleague of mine was first to jump up and down about this album when it arrived on our desks. She raved about it for days - but I always need to hear things for myself to believe it. Well this is one I believe and am totally in love with from start to finish. Thanks for pushing it Jully.

Here's my top Beyonce tunes play list for you to enjoy.
It's funny when you look back at Boy or Girl groups - because it's clear as to who the Superstar was going to be. For Destiny's Child it was obviously Beyonce, for Nsync it was Justin Timberlake and for The Backstreet Boys it was clearly Nick Carter (or was that just me?)

There's still lots of time for other great albums to come out in 2011. God knows Adele and a few others have already released some beauties - but I think this one has got legs - along with about 5 number 1 singles to go.

Beyonce is truly the Queen at this time and I suggest you give this full album a listen.

Thanks for reading/listening.


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