Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Rock Please

Do you remember when Nirvana came out?  Do you remember when The Strokes released their first album?  What about the first time you heard Blind Melon's 'No Rain', Silverchair's 'Tomorrow' or The White Stripes 'Fell In Love With A Girl'? Do you remember the last time a rock n roll band went to #1 on Billboard and took over the world?

It's been a while but it's not like there's been a lack of Rock n Roll to be had.  It's simply that the charts on radio, online and television are currently being controlled by pop music.  Pop music meaning popular music is in it's most bubble gum POP form.

In my opinion Hip Hop's been pretty terrible in recent years too.  With the exception of Jay Z & Kanye, Drake and now 2 Chainz and Tyga.  The rest seem to have leaned more on the pop side with a touch of hip and sprinkle of hop.  If anything they're dance songs that feature rappers.

Rock's also been pretty crap in recent years featuring more hooks, drum machine loops and synthesizers than ever before.  What's missing is the simple rock formula that consists of guitar, bass, drums and vocals.  Perhaps a tambourine or harmonica.  Is it too much to ask?

There are so many great rock bands out there but they just can't seem to garner the attention of the masses the way they once did.  A&R departments are sticking to formulas that work right now and prolong them in an attempt to capitalize on the trends.  It's an age old tradition but it just makes it longer periods of time between great transitions.

It pains me that when albums like Port of Morrow by The Shins come out it only they don't get recognition.  That album is incredible and should have been a defining moment for the band.  Albums like this plummet down charts and you may not hear much of them until the next album comes around.  If you have not heard this song then please give it a spin now...

or Kasabian's 'Re-wired' seen here...

or Montreal's own Sam Roberts Band seen here...

I guess the only massive one I can think of, in recent years, that's taken over all media and demos alike would be The Black Keys.  Rightfully so and finally after all these years.

*one of the greatest videos of all time :)

Anyway - bit of a rant but here's to some great rock n roll to come in the next while.  It's time and I for one welcome it.  I leave you with these amazing rock n roll track by Arkells and Metric.

Thanks for reading/listening.

Gregg Stewart

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