Friday, May 31, 2013

New Tunes For The Weekend

As I watch this year's rock n roll hall of fame ceremony on HBO I'm reminded of what an honour it is to be working in music.  When they pan to the crowd there are many familiar faces of idols along with legendary big shots and stars.  From Tom Petty (one of my all time favourites), Rick Rubin, Dave Grohl, Quincy Jones, Chris Cornell, Run DMC, Chuck D and even Jack Nicholson to name a few.

I visited the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame once while in Cleveland and it was amazing.  It's like a church/museum, in my opinion, as it houses some of the most important artifacts of modern day.  I spent 6 hours in there and it was not even enough time to scratch the surface.

Here's a group that was inducted to the Hall of Fame this year...

Public Enemy - 'Fight The Power'

I'm lucky to be working in such an exciting business.

This is why I feel obligated to pass along music suggestions to my friends daily.  Here are some great new tunes that I recommend you give a spin.

Cassie featuring Rick Ross - 'Numb'

MS MR - 'Hurricane'

Vampire Weekend - 'Diane Young'

Action Bronson feat. Lauriana Mae - 'Compliments to the Chef'

Autoerotique - 'Asphyxiation'

Jake Bugg - 'Taste It'

City and Colour - 'The Hurry and the Harm'

Passenger - 'Let Her Go'

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