Sunday, March 2, 2014

Songs In Films

On a night when Hollywood celebrate all things film I've decided to made a quick list of my favourite scenes that have used the perfect songs.

Every second of a movie has some sort of music bed playing in it.  You might not even notice them at times but they're there to set the mood throughout the whole film.  You do however notice when a great song is used to enhance a scene and when it's done properly it can't be beat.  It's vital and makes a movie even better when the right music has been picked.

Here are some of my favourites songs in movie scenes...

Donnie Darko:  Tears for Fears - 'Head Over Heels'

Office Space: Ghetto Boys - 'Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gansta'

Old School: Whitesnake - 'Here I Go Again'

Karate Kid: Peter Cetera - 'The Glory of Love'

American Psycho: Phil Collins - 'In Too Deep' *PG 13

High Fidelity: Beta Band - 'Dry The Rain'

Say Anything: Peter Gabrielle - 'In Your Eyes'

Do The Right Thing: Public Enemy - 'Fight the Power'

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