Friday, May 29, 2015

2 Old + 2 New Tracks

It's tough to keep up with new music these days simply because there's so much of it coming out each week.

I have the luxury of being privy to lots of new music as it comes out - and am afforded the insight as to what's going on surrounding and artist.  It's a great position to be in because it's the social currency required to survive.  It's definitely not rocket science - but you need to keep up and listen to the right people that know there stuff.  You always need to be listening for new music and learning about music from the past at the same time.

My first new recommendation this week is from a Canadian girl named Alessia Cara.  She samples Portishead's smash 'Glory Box' with her new track 'Here' with perfection.  The video is beautiful and the lyrics are spot on for an 18 year old.

My first old track comes to us from LL Cool J.  I listened to him on my way to work today because my wife was watching his lip sync show on television last night.  I can't ever hate on for doing all these shows because he truly is one of the greatest rappers of all time IMHO. His catalogue speaks for itself.  Check out this classic cut!

My second new pick is from Jamie XX.  Maybe one of my favourite side projects ever.  This side project is better than most people actual projects.  The album comes out next week and I can't wait to hear the rest of it.  

My second pick is from my favourite band of all time Oasis.  I know that some of you may have just rolled your eyes - but I could care less.  These guys embodied everything I love about music and the rock n roll lifestyle.  Here's a track off their album 'Don't Believe The Truth'  which came out almost 10 years ago to the day.

Thanks for reading/listening.


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