Friday, May 22, 2015

2 Old + 2 New

I've decided I want to make my posts more frequent.  In an attempt to do so I'll need to keep it quick and to the point.  Here goes...

I'm going to aim for a weekly post suggesting 2 NEW tracks that I think people need to hear and a couple OLD tracks that may have been missed - or require another listen. 

I selfishly write this with hopes my nieces, nephew and own children will one day click and learn a bit about the music that make me tick.

I recently went down a worm hole of Led Zeppelin's music - so the 1st of this week's Older selections has to be 'Ramble On'.  It embodies rock n roll and reminds me of my youth.  I want to go on a long road trip with the windows down when I hear this song.

I still listen to radio shows to learn about new music.  It's different these days in that you can stream on demand - but it's still a voice on the other end telling tales of how songs came to be and tidbits of information about a song to give it context.  They keep it exciting and I continue to learn daily. Here's one I heard for the first time a couple week's ago on The Strombo radio show.

The 1st New track I'd like to suggest is something from Hot Chip.  The track is called 'Huarache Lights' and it's fucking amazing (pardon my language relatives).

This Wednesday David Letterman signed off for last time and I was among the many that shed a tear.  That show had some of the finest musical guests perform through the years.  I was actually at a taping one day but cannot remember the musical guest for the life of me.  I do however remember that Bill Cosby was the other guest :(

Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, was the musical guest on Monday's show and he performed the song 'Betterman' with Paul Shaver and CBS orchestra.  It was insane and solidified Eddie, once again, as a rock God.  

Suffice it to say I've been listening to the Pearl Jam ever since and would like to recommend something from their Vitalogy album that still gives me chills. 

The 2nd new track I've selected this week is something from a BC Rapper that goes by the name of SonReal.  His latest EP is called 'For The Town' and the title track is just perfect.  This is an artist my team's been watching for ages - and he just keeps getting better.  I truly hope he gets the big break he deserves and soon.  Take notes kids - Production is EVERYTHING.

I hope you check enjoyed my picks and I look forward to suggesting more next week.

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