Saturday, December 5, 2009

Harmony is Everything

Hello Friends,

I like the following definition for the word harmony the best...
the simultaneous combination of tones, esp. when blended into chords pleasing to the ear; chordal structure, as distinguished from melody and rhythm.

The reason I picked this word to speak of is that I've been listening to The Stereophonics for the past 24 hours in a very heavy rotation. The Stereophonics have got to be the single best band in the world at harmony today.

It all started when I got to the office and recieved my latest issue of Q Magazine. This is always a great day as Q truly is gospel for music. This month's magazine features Arctic Monkeys on the cover and a beautiful advertisment for the new Stereophonics album on the back. The cover to this disc is amazing.

The band formed in 1992 and have since released 7 full length albums and 1 greatest hits collection. That greatest hits collection also included a new track - that for my money is one their finest to date entitled 'My Star'.

The band are definetly a rock band in all senses of the term - but it's intelligent rock and the HARMONY in their songs is unbeatable today. In some tracks it's very subtle - but in others it is enought to give you goosebumps.

I was introduced to these guys through The Wedge on Muchmusic back in the early 90s. There was a video for 'Pick a Part that's New' where the band, 3 members at that time, robbed some gold and fill it in the trunk of 3 austin minis and drive around a European town to get away. At that time it blew my mind as the only music videos I was seeing were the likes of C&C Music Factory and EMF. The band have made some really good videos over the years. Check out this Stephen Kings esque video for Mr. Writer!

The band used to perform at least once a year in Toronto and play the Warehouse aka Kool Haus. It was always rammed and the crowd was so diverse each year.

I got to go back and meet the band one time after one of these shows and it was a great experience. Kelly (lead singer) is but a mere 5 feet tall and Richard (bass player) gave me 4 cans of Heineken in the span of 45 minutes chatting. I will always have a spot in my heart for this band.

In terms of harmony - I think it best left for the music to speak for itself. Check out these 5 tracks and pay close attention to their amazing ability to create harmony. These guys truly could have been a backing band to some of the Motown greats of years gone by.

Some of the finest lyrics written to accompany and allow for these great harmonic tunes. Here's a beauty from one of them...

'You're My Star"

You're my star
Yes you are
Its a thrill to see your imagination
Just watching you is an education
What's in your mind is my fascination
It blows my mind and sets my heart a racing

Man I love this band and think that you should check em out when you have a chance. Here's the latest single to get you started - INNOCENT

Thanks for reading.


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