Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Perfect Pop Song

Hello Friends,

I think it has to be played on headphones as you wander around a city regardless of what it is. I have so many on my list that are simply perfect because of just that.

Top 5 headphone pop tracks (well... in the past 2 years anyway)

  1. Kim & Jessie - M83

  2. House of Cards - Radiohead

  3. Kick Push - Lupe Fiasco

  4. Live Your Life - T.I. Feat Rihanna

  5. Summertime - NKOTB (yep - that one;)

Guilty pleasure? There's nothing to feel guilty about listening to a piece of music that makes you smile. I have so many things in my collection that one might feel embarassed about. I don't anymore as I now don't care. Good music really is good music and and gimic is a gimic is a gimic (stole that from Noel).

I bought the Drake track from iTunes today as it's a great pop tune. I know it's Jimmy from Degrassi - but come on - Hova is now doing tracks with him. This guy is for real.

Anyway - just left a showcase for an artist from Australia named Daniel Merriweather. It was amazing and I hope that you all get a chance to hear his music.

Speak soon.

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