Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Clash and Oasis

Hello Friends,

A couple things on my mind in the past 2 days, Oasis breaking up (seems real this time) and all things The Clash.

I watched 'The Future is Unwritten', story of Joe Strummer, yesterday for the first time. I have always adored their music - but i see it now as perfection for its time. The man is truly a legend and did so much in his short life. Seems the trend these days which is sad.

Joe Strummer loved a campfire - who knew? I didn't - but damn right - a campfire is a perfect place to talk and tell stories or play music. I need more of these in my life :)

The Clash had their ups-and-downs like any other band - but when they recorded and album - they infused genres that had never been mashed before. Joe was the son of an Indian father that worked as a diplomat and his mother was from the far North of Scotland. Raised around the world and influenced by so many great things along the way. It all added up to a catalogue of music that stands-up today and will do for years to come.

Here's a quick list of must own Clash tracks...

  1. Rock the Casbah

  2. Magnificent 7

  3. Straight to Hell

  4. White Riot

  5. Train in Vain

I'm sorry I never had a chance to see this band as they sure as hell brought it each and everytime they walked on a stage. Long live The Clash!

Now. Oasis breaking-up? Again? Is Noel serious this time? I think he is. In this day-and-age of twitter and facebook - the word of his departure spread like wildfire...and details are not spared. The updates seem fierce and angry. I hope it can be sorted - but if not - they had a good 18 year run. The mighty Oasis has fallen.

Although the press are reporting it as Noel leaving Oasis...lets face facts here - Noel is Oasis. He writes all their tunes (I know - Liam wrote a few over time - but honestly - Little James??).

They work perfect together on stage - like The Beatles once did. Much like John and Paul - I guess the off stage relationship was too much to carry on. Not sure where Liam will end up - but I'm certain that Noel's solo career will flourish. Time will tell...but in the meantime check this classic performance and song!!

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