Thursday, May 21, 2009

In My Opinion...

The British are simply better at music because they eat sleep and breathe it daily. North Americans, for the most part, are content and can take it or leave it and don't actively search for new stuff. I really wish we did more as it would be a better life - because In my opinion - music does indeed make things better.

Have you seen or heard of the UK channel 4 series entitled Skins? It's a great series that follows teenagers around Bristol, England. It shows us what teenagers are actually doing on their spare time rather than the way the OC and 90210 depict it. The beauty of this series is the use of music in scenes and key moments. If I could work my dream job it would be to do just the tracks for television and motion pictures. I digress, the series is brilliant and stars some recognizable faces like the lead from Slum Dog Millionaire as well as the lead boy from About a Boy (he's grown-up now).

Here's a few tracks that were featured in this series...

  • Adele - 'Hometown Glory'
  • MGMT - 'A Time to Pretend'
  • Gossip - 'Standing in the Way of Control'
  • Crystal Castles - 'Alice Practice'
Anyway - you really should check this series out when you have a chance as it's pretty damn great.

speak soon.


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