Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scotland The Brave...


Paolo Nutini quite possibly the strangest Scottish accent I've ever heard - and my background is Scottish. Whatever you think at first listen - this guy is a gem and is one hell of a songwriter. The new album out next week is chalk full of amazing tracks that become more and more infectious as you listen. The song entitled 10/10 sounds as though he is actually from Jamica and of the Marley Clan. Hear 4 tracks on MTV Drops now .
It's not just Paolo making waves in Scotland these days either - there's many bands and many have come before. I gotta keep this short but here's my daily list and this time it consists of 5 Scottish tunes you need on your iPod...

1. Glasvegas - Flowers and Football Tops
2. Franz Ferdinand - Tell Her Tonight
3. Travis - Selfish Jean
4. Primal Scream - Loaded
5. Snow Patrol - Disaster Button *Not actually Scottish - but live there (this new album is amazing - give it another try if you didn't love the first time)

That's me for now.

If it's not Scottish it's crap!


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