Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hip Hop Hooray

Hello Friends,

I was looking at Toronto concert lisitings today, in some Toronto publications, and was suprised to see that Ice Cube was perfroming this summer at The Sound Academy. I was in there looking to see who was at this year's North by Northeast Music Festival which kicks off next week. It's the festival in which I can proudly say gave me my start in this business. It's good people that come out each year and even better people that run it. An Englishman and a Welsh lass. It's a fun little festival and really is about the music. They stay true to what the festival is each year and this year proves to be the same. Check out the schedules here.

Based on my concert finding today - here's a little Hip Hop list of tunes I'm digging up as I type this...

  1. Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It

  2. Das Efx - They Want Efx

  3. LL Cool J - Boomin System (one of the nicest guys and total pioneer in the game)

  4. Redhead Kingpin - Do The Right Thing

  5. Maestro Fresh Wes - Let Your Backbone Slide *CANADIAN

*Do you remember how big this song actually was in 1989?

Maestro did it and is still making waves today (check his wiki page) and so will many more Canadian's to come - be it Hip Hop or Punk - we make some great music up here.

NXNE Music Festival starts next Wednesday - get out there and support our troops.


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