Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hello friends,

I chose the subject 'lyrics' after seeing a friend's facebook update using some today. I've done it - and I think many of us have. Is it people trying to look profound and smart or literally repeating these lyrics to show their love of just that. Maybe it's a bit of both - who knows. This particular update was by 1990's favourites The Counting Crows. I loved this band and at this very moment am listening to 'August and Everything After'. When this album came out in 1993 - people were into albums. Not that people aren't into albums now - but I bet you people knew more album tracks in this era than they do today. It's natural based on the progression in technology - but it's also sad when you think about it. This album had so many amazing tracks that never made it as singles and I like them far more than I do the actual singles. I'm certain that most would agree as I remember seeing the crowds at the Molson amphitheatre sing along to "Sullivan Street". I digress - I was here to write about lyrics today. Here's a quick top 5 list of lyrics that have moved me in my days...

  1. "Noone's interested in something you didn't do" - Tragically Hip's - 'Wheat Kings' (very true)

  2. "Just because I'm losing doens't mean I'm Lost" - 'Coldplay's - 'Lost' (nice pick-me up lyric)

  3. "Trying to make ends meet - you're a slave to the money then you die" - The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (greatest song ever recorded)

  4. "If we're lost - then we are lost together" - Blue Rodeo - 'Lost Together' (beautiful)

  5. "We have agreed with which we have a greed" Eddie Veddor - 'Society' (love plays on words like this)

  6. "The sadest thing that I've ever seen was smokers outside the hostpital doors" The Editors - 'Smokers outside the hospital doors' (I was quitting smoking when I first heard this)

  7. "Ride our bikes into town, for some hockey cards and whatever trouble may be found" Sam Roberts - 'Every Part of Me (reminds me of childhood - beautiful track)

There's clearly a million lyrics out there to quote and reflect upon day in and day out...and these are just a couple quick fixes from looking at my library. I take my hat off to songwriters as it may seem an easy thing to do - but I dare you to try and write a tune. It's tough and bets left for the artists themselves. I will stick to writing mty feelings in cards and perhaps stealing the odd quote from them.

Thanks for reading.


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