Monday, June 1, 2009

Tom Petty

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Now everyone knows Tom Petty's music and could likely sing along to at least one of his tunes from start to finish (probably 'Free Fallin') - but man has he written some amazing music over the years. I recently watched a documentary, put out by Warner Music, called 'Runnin' Down a Dream'. It's 4 hours of pure amazingness. The man is a legend and really set the bar for bands and artists to come after him.

Here's a link to the trailer watch it!

I had the pleasure of seeing Tom Petty on tour when he released 'Into the Great Wide Open'. It was at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens and the set was a human heart that he walked down the stairs of. It was truly an amazing musical experience for me and was only the second concert I had ever seen live.

Tom Petty is always best heard when sitting up north on a hot summers day whilst the sun beats down and you lounge on a dock. He is rock n roll and a rebel none the less.

Check this movie out if you want to know about starting a band or what it takes to be a rock star!

"Even the losers - get lucky sometimes"

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