Thursday, January 21, 2010

For The Greater Good

Hello Friends,

On this the eve of a global benefit special for Haiti - musicians from around the world prepare to step-up and do their part to help. It's sadly something that happens on what seems to be an ongoing basis these days - but non-the-less a truly commendable thing. They do have a voice and people listen when they speak - so my hat goes off to those that get involved.

There's the obvious names that always come out for the cause including Bono, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Coldplay and Sheryl Crow and to me they are champions and leaders for doing so. They are always in it for the right reasons and set the bar for others that follow.

Tomorrow's event looks to be a massive one and involves artists from all genres of music. The line-ups go from the newest names like Justin Bieber to Motown greats like Stevie Wonder. It really is about coming together in a world that is becoming increasingly smaller each day. I have goose bumps when I read these press releases.

In Canada the media companies have all come together to create the lead-in for the night entitled 'Canada for Haiti'. Canadian musicians and celebrities alike will be out in full force to raise the awareness in a homegrown show starting at 7 pm et.

Here's the full listings of all celebs and artists involved.

U.S. Press Release

Canadian Press Release

Bono, Edge, Jay Z and Rihanna have apparently recorded a brand new song for the event and will perform this live tomorrow night. I'm sure it will go down as yet another classic anthem for a time that the world needed everyone to come together.

I hope everyone tunes in to do their part tomorrow - it's something special when everyone around the world is doing, watching, listening, talking in person and through social media about the same thing.

As I like lists - here's a quick list of songs that grew from troubled time that was Famine Relief in Africa.

Band Aid - UK artists for Africa

We Are The World - American artists for Africa

Tears Are Not Enough - Canadian artists for Africa

Take care of each other.


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