Monday, January 18, 2010

Pop Music means Popular Music

Hi Friends,

Much like candy - some pop music just doesn't have any substance. The good thing is that it doesn't really matter. Good music really is good music - no matter what the content.

I can honestly say I'm a sucker for great pop tunes. From Duran Duran, Culture Club, Debbie Gibson, Whitney Houston, New Kids on the Block, Madonna, Back Street Boys, N'Sync, Corey Heart, Gwen Stefani, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, Sugar Babes, Robbie Williams, Take That, The Spice Girls and even Miley Cyrus' 'Party in the USA'. A catchy hook is a catchy hook:)

Today as I left the offices at MTV I saw a crowd of, for lack of a better term, Cougars on the prowl. I wasn't sure why they were all there as the MTV building sees many stars pass through the doors and always involves fans and audience. Tonight it was for Joey McIntyre of NKOTB fame...and perhaps a few fans of Boston Public the series. Joey is in town for a show at the MOD Club touring a solo album I believe.

I for one had a younger sister that loved them while I grew up - so an quite familiar with the many hits and amount of merchandise that had their faces branded on. I secretly have a soft spot for these guys - and really love the single from a couple of years back 'Summertime'. Donny also did a hell of a job playing Sargeant Lipton on HBO's hit series 'Band of Brothers'.

I digress...

Sometimes I save my pop songs for a long run - or in the car where nobody can hear me singing along (except poor Raffy). I know that everyone has their own 'Guilty Pleasures' - but they shouldn't feel guilty if a song makes them feel good.

Here's a short list of some of my very own 'Guilty Pleasures'.
Awesome - I've not so secretly created tomorrow's running playlist.

Pop music simply means popular music and I'm not afraid to say I like it all.

Thanks for reading.


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