Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Music Videos

Hey Friends and Happy 2010,

Can you remember a time when people had time on their hands? Do you you remember when we would sit on front of a TV to watch a music video from start to finish?

Well I do because that's what I grew up on.. That's not the case today as this generation, unlike any that has come before, has little to no attention span to sit through anything. It's not there fault - there's simple more to see and do now:)

I find myself doing the same these days. I can honestly say that I've seen the new Lady Gaga video for 'Bad Romance' about 35 times - and until the other day had never got to the end where the bed has been burnt to a crisp. Do I have A.D.D. too now?

Music Videos, contrary to popular belief, did not kill the radio star - they enhanced and adapted to the times. There have been some amazing music videos made over the years and some of which should have won Oscars as they were as good, if not better than some feature length films. Thriller will always be the king of all music videos no matter what comes next (IMHO).

It's a great form of expression and I'm sure that each and everyone of you has your very own favourite.

Anyway, I'd like to share a few music videos that I have loved over the years that I think you should see. Here they are (categorized too)
There are obviously many many more amazing videos - but this is simply a few of my favs I wanted share with you.

Thanks for checking this out.

Speak Soon

Gregg Stewart

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